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Lately, I’ve been trying to get more and more into skincare. Because I pile on so much makeup, I’ve been guilty of neglecting my skincare now and again! So that’s one thing I’ll be doing in 2018, putting more effort into my skincare and fingers crossed I’ll find the perfect skincare routine.  So when Ziaja Skincare Ireland asked if I’d like to try out a few bits*, I jumped at the chance. Ziaja skincare is a Polish brand developed by a pharmacist who had the idea of high quality skincare at an affordable price. The have a RIDICULOUS amount of products, like a lot a lot a lot. So I’m almost glad I didn’t choose which products myself, because I wouldn’t have know where to start!

I actually came across Ziaja skincare last year, I seen a couple of things about it online then I spotted it in the Polish shop that I live above of. I was tempted to pick up a couple of bits, but then I can’t exactly read the Polish language. So I decided against that one!

Ziaja Skincare

Ziaja Goat’s Milk Body Lotion

This stuff is FAB. The only thing is, I don’t use it every time I’m reaching for a body moisturiser because it contains body oils so that’ll just break down my tan. I can’t be having that! So I’ve only been using it about once, maybe twice a week. But it feels amazing. Not oily on the skin at all and dries super quickly. Actually nicer than a few more expensive moisturisers that I’ve tried. I have a Clarins body lotion there but I’ve been reaching for this one an awful lot more. Added bonus that it’s only €5.99.

It’s a 400 ml bottle, so it’ll last so long. I’m almost sure it won an Image Beauty Award in 2016 too, so it’s worth the try!

Ziaja skincare


Ziaja Natural Olive Eye Cream

Really, I haven’t seen a difference since I started using this. I’m not sure if I need to use it for an awful lot longer, or it’s just not working out for me. Either way, I’m going to keep using it cos it does feel fab going on – but that’s about it really. Silver lining I suppose!

It’s only €6.49, but if I don’t see a difference once I reach the end of this tube I don’t think I’d bother buying one.

I was also sent a soothing eye cream but it’s for ages 30 and over. So I haven’t touched it in case it’s too much for these young one eyes of mine. 😏  So, if anyone has any suggestions for me that’d be great – either about the use of the Natural Olive Eye Cream or if I can work away with the soothing cream. Lemme’ know @beautitudeblog please and thanks!


Ziaja Goat’s Milk Nourishing Night Cream

I’m LOVING this lil’ beauty. It feels amazing on the skin and you can almost see your skin plumping out with the moisture. It feels like it gives the skin an instant lift, even though it’s a fairly rich cream it actually feels quite light on.

I’m not sure if it would be great for oily skin, because you can basically see your skin shining from miles away when you apply it. Once I was using it for about a week or so I already saw a difference in my skin. It felt softer, healthier and actually made my skintone look more even.

It’s only €6.99, so I think this will be a permanent cream in my skincare drawer!

Ziaja skincare

Ziaja Goat’s Milk Hand & Nail Cream

I only used this a handful of times myself, I gave it to my Mam because I’d be an angel like that and I also have plenty of hand creams. She absolutely fell in love with it. The few times I did use it it dried in super quickly, felt fab and smelled fab too. This was a winner at the RSVP Beauty Awards, and it’s only €3.50. Because it’s both a hand and nail cream, it’s a winner all round – see how it can help out your nails here. SO worth a buy.


All in all, the majority of bits I’ve tried from Ziaja I’ll definitely be buying again. I don’t think I’ll bother with the eye creams, but there’s a whole lot more I’m dying to try out now too. At least it’s cheap as chips, so I don’t have to feel too guilty! This website has all the Ziaja products you’ll need in your life.


*Ziaja Ireland asked if I’d like to try out some of their products, so of course I was delighted to try them out – they’re something that I would have spent my own money on anyway. I wasn’t asked to write a review or share any posts and everything is 101% my own, honest opinion.


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