‘Blogging’ has almost turned into a dirty word lately. From photoshopping to plugging products, it seems like social media is full of hate for bloggers. But on the other side of that, there are some AMAZING blog posts out there. I love reading blog posts, (I don’t really have the attention span for a ten minute YouTube video – unless it’s going to teach me how to get amazing eyebrows) there’s so many that I’ve been loving lately.

But I thought I’d pick just a few that I loved. So rather than sitting here, scrolling aimlessly through the usual reviews (shameless plug, check out my latest review of the new Benefit mascara here) and Insta selfies, I thought I’d share a bit of love instead. So, make your tea or coffee (or pour a glass of Pino, it doesn’t matter if it’s only 3 pm) and have a read of these fab posts.


What She Does Now – 7 Years On: What I’ve Learned Since My Mam Passed Away

I think everyone needs to read this post. I’m particularly glad I read it because I’ll be the first one to put my hands up and admit I am the Queen of First World Problems. This post puts everything into context. I can’t imagine how hard this post must have been to write, let alone write beautifully! It’s great to see bloggers talking about the real side of things. Of course, I love a good review as much as the next person, but these kind of posts are always the ones that are remembered more.
In general, I don’t understand how Amy doesn’t have thousands of more followers. Her photos are always fab and her writing is just amazing. I always enjoy her posts, definitely one to watch!
Facebook: @whatshedoesnow
Instagram: @whatshedoesnow

Beth Sandland: The Blogging Industry: Freebies, Pitching and Getting Paid

Three of the Best Blog Posts I've Read Lately
 Beth Sandland

I came across Beth Sandland on Twitter a couple of months ago and I have been obsessed ever since then. I’m yet to come across one of her posts that I haven’t loved. With all the giving out about bloggers lately (which some of is completely justified), I think Beth’s post hits the nail on the head. Although Beth is over in the UK, her post fits in so well with the Irish blogging industry.

I took a little inspo’ from Beth for this post, so I thought I’d share the love too!

Blog: bethsandland.co.uk

Twitter: @bethanysandland

Instagram: @bethsandland

I Come Undone: Januarys Top Restaurant Picks

Three of the Best Blog Posts I've Read Lately
  I Come Undone

Recently, I moved to Dublin so I am all over Sarah Hanrahan of I Come Undone‘s recommendations. Even from her Instagram alone, it’s like she just knows all of the best places for coffee, drinks and fab food in general. I feel like her blog is going to turn into a little bible for things to do (and eat) in Dublin each weekend.

Although I have gotten around to trying any recommendations from her blog yet (all my €s are going on cutlery, candles and coffee – what is this adult life?) her restaurant picks are going to be essential. I may even have to work my way through her ultimate dog-friendly eateries in Dublin – just so I can creep on other peoples dogs. *insert heart eye emoji*

On another note, Sarah has been one of my favourite bloggers for so long now. She doesn’t fall in line with the typical vibes that a lot of Irish bloggers seem to be following lately, and just seems to be SUCH a fab gal.

Blog: icomeundone.com

Facebook: @icomeundoneblog

Twitter: @icome_undone

Instagram: @i_come_undone


I’m ALL for the recommendations. So if yous could let me know of any fab blog posts, that would be greaaaat.


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