Three Cheap Ass, Yet Fabulous Foundations

Whether you’re not a fan of paying out €s for a foundation or you’re crawling to payday and the last scrapings in the bottle just won’t get you there, these three foundations are all under €15 and are so worth a buy. Granted, these foundations aren’t going to tick every box completely. But for not paying out an arm and a leg, they’re pretty good.


LA Girl Pro Coverage

From the reviews I’ve read on this one, people are either obsessed with this or they absolutely hate it. I love this foundation. For the price of it, the quality is just insane. I’ve been using this foundation for so long now, I think I’m on my third/fourth bottle. Which shows exactly how good this foundation is!
I love this for an everyday foundation. It goes on super smoothly and literally feels like nothing on the skin. I love a nice bit of coverage, and the coverage that this foundation gives is fab. It covers a lot, but not so much that it looks caked or heavy. It’s not a matte foundation, so if matte is what you’re looking for, then steer clear of this one. It almost has a luminous finish, it’s super sleek.
One thing I’m not a fan of is that it transfers way too easily. It’ll last quite well, as long as nothing touches your face. Not ideal, but for a fab foundation that’s around the €12 mark, it’s not a massive deal.

Price: €10-€12, depending on where you buy it!

Out of 10? I’m going to give this foundation a strong 7. Much love!

Three Cheap Ass, Yet Fabulous Foundations

Flormar Perfect Coverage

One mistake that I made with this foundation is not picking the right shade, so that turned me off it a bit! The shade selection isn’t great, but if you can get your hands on the right shade for you it’s worth it. I haven’t tried many bits from Flormar, but what I have tried I’ve just loved. And this foundation is no different. If you like a good coverage foundation, you’ll love this one. Only I thought compared to the other two, this one feels heavier on. But then again the coverage is better. So it’s all down to whether you want full coverage or feel nothing on your skin. Plus, this lasts pretty well throughout the day – so bonus points for that!

Price: €10.95 and worth every penny.
Out of 10? I’m a fan of this one, but not as much as LA Girl! So I’m going to go for a sturdy six.

Three Cheap Ass, Yet Fabulous Foundations

Note Detox & Protect

I was obsessed with this foundation for so long! I’m on my fourth bottle now and it’s still one of my budget faves. Although, my skin has gotten that bit oilier since I first tried it (insert eye roll here) so it doesn’t sit as nicely on the skin after a few hours. Although, once I powder a couple of times it’s still fabulous on.  I’ve talked about this foundation a couple of times, I’ve written a full review of the Note Detox & Protect foundation already. But I couldn’t write a top three budget foundation post without mentioning this! I just love the finish on this, it’s almost semi-matte but still feels fab on the skin. It’s not super full coverage, but it still covers a lot and a little goes a long way.

Price: €13.95 and again, so worth it!

Out of 10? I’m going to go for another 7 because I really can’t choose between this and LA Girl!

Three Cheap Ass, Yet Fabulous Foundations


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