Spring Tan Favourites

I’ve been thinking about writing a post on my three favourite tans right now, so I’m finally getting around to it! I never leave the house with out tan – like, ever. So I love trying out new tans but I always end up going back to my favourites.

No matter how much I love tan, I can’t justify paying out an absolute bomb for tan. Simply because I’ll either use it all the time and it would run out too quickly, or else I won’t use it enough and wouldn’t get my money’s worth (cheapskate I know..) – even if I was absolutely loaded and spending a bomb on tan, like I know I would be, I would definitely be buying these beauties still.

So these are my go to tans right now, but they’re budget friendly too. But to confuse things even more, even though these are budget friendly I’ve sorted each one into Splurge, Spend and Steal. 🙂


The Tan by the 2 Jenns

Tan Favourites - Splurge, Spend & Save - The Tan by The Two Jenns, Cocoa brown, Sunkissed

Since I bough my first bottle of The Tan, I’ve made sure to not run out – if I’m running low I need to get my hands on another! Thankfully it lasts so long.

The two ladies behind The Tan are Jennifer Swaine and Jennifer Butler if The Vanity Rooms. This is one of their three types of tans, the Super Hydrating Liquid Gel Tan (the other being a gradual tan as well as their professional spray tans). What drawn me to The Tan at first was the black bottle! I love the packaging, but once I noticed that I had a bit of a read about it and decided I had to try it.

I’ve fallen in love with this particular tan since the very first moment I used it. Because of its gel like consistency, it glides on perfectly and spreads and blends into the skin so well. When I first used it I of course noticed the fab smell – at first I thought it was familiar but really couldn’t put my finger on it, it’s a fresh and subtle watermelon scent (Love!). I usually do my tan at night before I go to bed so I really don’t like when a tan has a sticky consistency, but once this is applied there is literally no stickiness. It takes almost no time to dry in so there’s no sticky tan feeling! You can also see the tan going on, and then it gets darker the longer you leave it, so when you’re applying it you can actually see if you’re missing any parts which is great.

You can shower off this tan after 2-3 hours for a light to medium colour, but if you’re anything like me and love a dark tan – I leave mine on overnight (for 8 hours) and then wash it off in the morning. I think this might be my favourite shade of tan ever. It leaves the absolute perfect colour after it’s rinsed off. Because I ALWAYS wear tan, people are so use to it but whenever I wear The Tan I almost always get complimented on my tan.

Because it’s a hydrating tan, it also fades evenly. I love when tans fade well because when it starts to go fade in a kind of patchy way, it’s absolutely awful and I always find it harder to take off once it starts to get patchy. So there’s no patchiness with The Tan because it contains hydrating ingredients such as Shea Butter. Out of all the tans that I’ve tried, this has definitely gave me the longest lasting colour.

Over all, I am actually in love.

At €22.99, this is the ‘Splurge’ tan. I don’t think this is expensive because the quality is amazing (Well, it’s perfect for me!) But because the other two tans are cheap, this is the splurge option! So if you’re looking to try a new tan, check out The Tan by The 2 Jenns and let me know what you think!

Cocoa Brown – Dark

Tan Favourites - Splurge, Spend & Save - The Tan by The Two Jenns, Cocoa brown, Sunkissed

I’m sure everyone and their mother has tried Cocoa Brown, so I won’t ramble on too much! From releasing new products to Kylie Jenner sporting Cocoa Brown, it has really taken everywhere by storm.

Like I said, I love a dark tan so I always go for the 1 Hour Tan in the dark shade and leave it on over night before washing it off. The dark shade is such a nice colour and it goes on nicely and evenly. You can see where you’re applying the tan, again, so handy. It develops perfectly naturally and so fast, there’s also no smell once it’s developed. Who wants to smells like tan? :/ I love the mousse texture, it feels fab when you’re applying it to your skin and stays streak free.

For only €7.95, this is the ‘Spend’ tan. Again, it’s such a good tan for the price! This will always be in my tanning drawer.

Primark Sunkissed Mousse

Tan Favourites - Splurge, Spend & Save - The Tan by The Two Jenns, Cocoa brown, Sunkissed

This was one of my spur of the moment purchases in Penneys (as usual!) and I’m so happy that I randomly decided to pick it up. I love the simple packaging.

The only shade that was there when I was buying it was the medium shade, but it actually turned out to be quite a dark shade of medium (so I was delighted) but if you usually go for a paler shade of tan, you would definitely need the light shade!

This is an instant tan mousse and it smells AMAZING. I’m not too sure of the actual smell so I can’t describe it, but trust me – it smells fab. It applies easily and smoothly onto the skin. It’s also blends so evenly. Because it’s so quick and easy, I usually apply it if I’m in a hurry and was too lazy to tan the night before.

I know how hard it is to predict the weather in Ireland but word of warning – if you think there’s the slightest chance of rain, do not wear this tan! It’s not water proof and you’ll end up covered in streaks. Trust me, I know from experience!

But this is an absolute steal, so obviously, it can’t have it all! Other than the tan-running incident, I absolutely LOVE this tan!

This is the ‘Steal’ tan, it’s only €3.50 so if you notice it in Penneys, I’d recommend you give it a go and see what you think 🙂

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