SOSU Dripping Gold: First Impressions

Although I love her lashes, I wasn’t that tempted to spend €20+ on So Sue Me’s tan when it came out first. Any reviews or comments I’ve seen on it have either been saying it’s hands down the best tan ever, or not worth it in the slightest. But, I eventually decided to pick it up when I was exchanging things in Penneys one day. As I wasn’t handing over actual money for it, it seemed like the perfect time to try it! I’m a bit late to the party, but, here’s the lowdown on what I thought of the best/worst tan of 2018.

First Impression:

My very first impression was that I liked the packaging, although it’s basic, a black bottle will always fit in well on my tanning shelf. I went for the Ultra Dark Mousse, of course! There was no strong, nasty smell which is always a plus! It applied easily and blended well, like a dream actually. It dried pretty quickly, but not so fast that it was hard to work with. The guide colour was fab, so it gave me high hopes!

SOSU Dripping Gold Tan Review on
Before and After

The Next Day:

Before I had even rinsed it off, I was somehow paler? Don’t get me wrong, it was a nice natural colour but in no way was it ultra dark. So, I decided to throw on another layer and marinate in that. It was then I got what I wanted! The colour was gorgeous, there was no orange  tint to it, it was even and all round fab. It wore off quite nicely too, I decided to not keep it moisturised like I usually would and it stayed nice enough for around three to four days. Bar the hands, which are always the first to go downhill! 

SOSU Dripping Gold Tan Review on
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It was a different story altogether when it came to taking it off. It took a whole lot of scrubbing and every product under the sun, an absolute nightmare.

Overall, I actually really liked it. The colour pay off and how well it wears almost makes up for how difficult it is to take off. Well worth a try.

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