Skingredients Core 4 And Mix & Match: Full Review

I’ve been having a MOMENT with my skin lately. For almost a year and a half, it’s just hated me, no matter how much love I tried to give it. I’ve been trying product after product and nothing was happening until I gave the Skingredients range a go.

I cut out all other products and just used the one brand to see how it would go since then, I’ve started introducing other products. Mainly because I felt I wanted to mix things up a bit, and my skin almost stopped improving. But saying that, I’m still using certain Skingredients products.

So, here’s my full review of the Skingredients range. But saying that, skincare can be a little difficult when it comes to taking recommendations, even more so than makeup. Basically, because something that works amazingly well for me could make you break out like mad, but here we go anyway.

Skin Shield SPF 50

I’ve talked about this SO many times. I have two favourite SPFs, and this is one of them. It’s easily my favourite product from the whole Skingredients range. Although I have oily skin, this dewy finish SPF still looks and feels amazing on. It’s the one I reach for if I’m not wearing makeup, or looking for a more illuminated finish. Mainly because it has a peachy, glowy tint – so there’s zero white cast and leaves your skin looking fab. As well as that, it’s packed with vitamins and protects against pollution and that blue light from screens. Honestly, a little wonder product for €42. I have a little affiliate link for it here, if you want to give it a go.

Preprobiotic Cleanser

I’ve been using this cleanser since early this year, and I absolutely adore it. It’s so gentle on the skin, and feels almost silky on your face when you’re using it. If you’re looking for the kind of cleanser that foams up, this isn’t for you. I’ve been using a foaming cleanser for a while, so when I first started using this, it was a bit hard to get used to. Now though, I’m pretty sure it’ll be a constant in my skincare routine. It’s creamy and lightweight, that’s supposed to nurture your skin while removing makeup and any dirt from throughout the day. Plus, you can also leave it on your face for 20 minutes as a hydrating mask before you cleanse it away. Ideal. Check it out here.

Skin Veg

Skin Veg is basically a pre-serum, that’s lightweight, super hydrating and soothing. It contains veg and botanical extracts, antioxidants, and hyaluronic acid. As well as liquorice root and aloe vera extract to reduce inflammation and soothe any painful spots you might have. Admittedly, I don’t think I’ve noticed a massive difference in my skin using this alone. But it does feel amazing on the skin when you’re applying it, and my skin drank it up – it disappeared into my skin almost immediately. So that’s obviously a good sign. My skin seemed like a thirsty bitch and it devoured this. Not my favourite out of the veg, but a good egg all the same! You can read more on it here.

Skin Protein

This is another one I absolutely love. It’s basically a lightweight serum with plenty of Vitamin A, C, E and a whole lot of antioxidants, it’s to support and balance your skin while protecting it from environmental damage. As well as that, leaving it smoother, tighter, firmer, hydrated and just generally healthier. Again, I can’t say this made a massive difference to the look of my skin itself, but I loved using it. It feels amazing on the skin and it’s one of those products that really feel like they’re doing something. Shop it here.

Sally Cleanse

This is the product I was most excited to try. Like I said, I’ve had a nightmare with my skin for over a year now, so I was convinced that Sally Cleanse was going to solve all my problems. It didn’t – at least not on its own, but I’m obsessed with it nonetheless. Sally Cleanse is a salicylic acid treatment cleanser for oily and spot-prone skin. It’s super powerful, with 2% salicylic acid so it’s recommended that you use it only once every three nights for a good exfoliation. It aims to help prevent congestion such as blackheads, whiteheads, lumps, and bumps.

On top of all of that, it can also be used directly on a spot for three minutes before washing away, so it’s ideal when one or two spots pop up at the worst times. Then, it can be used as a micro-mask, applied for two minutes before cleansing off.

I’ve stopped using an exfoliator that’s more manual – that actually has exfoliating beads in it, and switched to a chemical exfoliator and I’ve seen a massive difference in my skin. Plus, it feels SO soft after each use. A dreamy cleanser, 100% worth the €25, buy it here.

Skin Good Fats

I’ve tried a good few night moisturisers lately and the weren’t really doing anything for my skin. So I decided to buy this one from Skingredients, and my little collection was complete. It’s super moisturising, but doesn’t feel too heavy or oily on the skin which I LOVE. It’s supposed to work by replenishing your skin’s essential fats, vitamins and goodness to bring equilibrium to your skin. I can’t say for sure that it’s helped the actual health of my skin, but it feels amazing and works perfectly under tan (for the rare times I actually put tan on my face these days). Check it out here.

I’ve included affiliate links on the above products, I don’t usually do affiliate links – mainly because I only write about beauty bits because I want to and I’m not ‘big enough’ for them, but I may as well chance my arm with them here. So here we are!

*I received some of these products as press samples, from my actual 9-5 job*

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