Shellac Care

I’m not a nail technician, or a nail expert in ANY way. I haven’t even been getting shellac for that long. But for the time I have been getting it, it’s lasted so well and my nails are just as strong, if not stronger. So I thought I’d share the few tips that I’ve picked up along the way.

Find the Best Nail Tech

This one is fairly stating the obvious but it makes the world of difference. I can get up to five weeks out of shellac – maybe even longer but I haven’t tried. If who ever does your nails is a kind of “just get the job done” person it’s not going to go down well. They’ll chip, crack and peel from the slightest things. Your nails will end up getting weaker and weaker and you’ll spend a fortune getting them done twice as much as you have to. Find a fab nail gal and DON’T LET HER GO.

Use Coconut Oil & Cuticle Oil

Okay so you don’t have to use both. I do because I’m a fussy bitch when it comes to my nails. Well, more than just my nails but that’s that! Coconut oil is AMAZING for keeping your nails/cuticles moisturised. So then your nails don’t peel as much and they’re a lot stronger. I leave the jar of coconut oil beside the kettle and put on a small bit each time I’m waiting for the kettle to boil. So handy.

Then I have a small bottle of cuticle oil thrown into my handbag. It basically does the same job as coconut oil only it’s not as greasy and ideal for on the go.

Same goes for hand cream. Use one that’s good for your hands and your nails and you’re good to go.

Shellac Care


Because of the UV lights used for shellac/gel, if you get your nails done a lot it’s probably a good idea to use a bit of SPF to protect your hands from the UV lights over time. Nobody wants wrinkly hands before their time! Or damaged skin on their hands even.

If you’re going on holidays, some oils in certain SPFs can break down the shellac a lot quicker. So if you’re spending time in the sun and using a lot of SPF just make sure to wipe it off your nails so they last that bit better.

Shellac Care

Don’t Pick or Peel

Whatever you do don’t go picking or peeling at your shellac. Another obvious one, but if it lifts the smallest bit then the temptation to peel it off it ridiculous. Keep your nails moisturised so your nails won’t peel. If they start lifting, book your nail appointment straight away. It’s worth if even if it’s just the fix that one dodgy nail. Same goes for taking it off, don’t brave it yourself even if you think you’re an expert after Googling it.

Shellac Care


I’m not sure if this is the right thing to do, but it’s worked for me. If it’s been a while since your nail app, file your nails just a small bit. Don’t go at them as if you’re sawing something, literally just go around the edges a small bit so they don’t weaken at the top.

Stay Away From Bleach

If you’re in the mood for scrubbing your place, or you just can’t put it off any longer, wear gloves when you’re cleaning with any kind of disinfectant sprays or bleach. Should probably do this anyway, but anything to protect the nails!


I love getting shellac now, I don’t think I could ever go back to painting my own nails! The last ‘Pinteresting Monday’ was all about nails with all of the Christmas vibes, you can have a read of that one here. 🙂


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