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There’s so many bloggers now, even in Ireland alone there’s people blogging about every category under the sun. Of course, not every single one of them works out ideally, so it’s nice to see Irish bloggers doing so well – especially in somewhere like New York! One blogger I absolutely love and constantly read is Retro Flame. Erika Fox of Retro Flame is an Irish fashion and lifestyle blogger living in New York for the past few years. If you haven’t heard of her by now, where have you been? Retro Flame Erika Fox on

With well over 100,000 followers, it’s easy to see where they come from because her blog, her videos and photos and all her social media pages are just amazing. There’s so much detail put into everything she does and her style is just to die for.

She basically has bits of everything on her blog, from lifestyle, fashion, travel, beauty and fitness. Her lifestyle posts are always full of great advice and tips, they’re always so positive and helpful too. Her posts are without a doubt always a great read and she’s so motivational. I actually went out and bought a couple of Gary Vee books because of her recommendations (he’s a big successful entrepreneur, I haven’t gotten around to reading the second book yet, but ‘Crush It’ is so worth the read). A few of my favourite lifestyle posts she’s written are ‘5 Things You Need To Stop Worrying About’, ‘Why I Don’t Compare Myself to Other Bloggers’ and ‘Career Advice That ACTUALLY Works’. That last post has a lot to do with Gary Vaynerchuk who wrote ‘Crush It’. Retro Flame Erika Fox on

There’s literally so many fashion posts ion her blog and social media that just make me want to throw out all my clothes and get her exact wardrobe! Her style is literally just amazing. From video hauls and fashion tips, to putting different pieces together and posts about New York Fashion Week, it’s all there. Retro Flame Erika Fox on Retro Flame Erika Fox on Retro Flame Erika Fox on Retro Flame Erika Fox on Retro Flame Erika Fox on

Her life in New York looks divine, it’s like she’s living the absolute dream! For anyone planning on going to New York, there’s a section on her blog dedicated to New York alone. It has things to do in NY, what she has learned there, and all about moving there, which would be so helpful if you’re lucky enough to be moving to New York!

Her apartment over there is literally goals. It’s basically my dream apartment and it’s decorated just beautifully. The transformation pics of her apartment is insane, and I love that most of it was a D.I.Y job! Even small things like painting handles, if you love a bit of decor or D.I.Y, you NEED to go have a look at her apartment posts! The end results are so fab. Retro Flame Erika Fox on Retro Flame Erika Fox on Retro Flame Erika Fox on Retro Flame Erika Fox on

Retro Flame is one of the blogs I constantly read because it has a good mix and variety of posts, photos and videos. Everything she does is always so detailed. Even Erika’s Pinterest boards are just so fab! As a blogger, Erika is also not one of those who ‘closes her snaps’ so she’s always interacting with her followers across all platforms. Besides her blog and social media pages, she just seems like such a genuine, nice gal! If you haven’t checked out Retro Flame, or Retro Flame’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube – then get to it right now. đŸ˜€ Retro Flame Erika Fox on Retro Flame Erika Fox on


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