Three Products Not Worth The Hype

Firstly, I’ve no idea why I chose this photo for the feature image of the post. It has no relevance, but taking blog photos can be hard sometimes so ANYWAY. Now that that’s out of the way. I’ve slightly fallen out with makeup a little bit, not completely because I’m not insane, I’m just not as obsessed as I used to be. Still slightly obsessed, but I’m not living for it. So I haven’t been counting my pennies to buy that palette that I just need in my life, I’ve been buying stuff that I’ll actually get use out of, mostly! How grown up of me, I know. So it makes it that bit more annoying when I buy something that I think will be life-changing and it’s more than useless. Here are a few products that I’ve been using lately that aren’t worth the hype, or the buy even!


Lancóme Grandiose

Ok to get it out there, I’m lucky enough to have naturally long eyelashes (sorry, not sorry). But it makes it hard to find a mascara that doesn’t leave me with a mascara line along my brow bone. This mascara is AMAZING, but it transfers in, literally, a couple of hours. If you’ve shorter lashes, definitely try it out. Although this mascara may be worth the buy for some people, I don’t think it lived up to the hype. It’s one that I won’t be buying again anyway. I’ve been using the Benefit BADgal BANG mascara lately and it’s just fab. It transfers a little but not have as much as Grandiose. I have a full review of the latest Benefit mascara here.

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Moxi Tan Aid

As an avid tanner, this product was like music to my ears. Let’s get it out there, tanning can be hard, as well as a pain in the arse. There’s usually at least one little bit that goes wrong, and it’s usually before you have somewhere to be. So when I saw these wipes that “remove both stubborn old tan and fresh mistakes with the no-rinse formula that’s kind to skin”, I was all about it. “Simply wipe over the tan you need to remove. No need to rinse. For best results use at least 3 days after self-tan application.” It sounded too good. Aaaaand it was. These wipes aren’t even worth the fiver. They take forever to remove the smallest bit of tan, you’ll be rubbing at the tan forever to get it off. Long story short, spend your fiver on a skinny cappuccino with an extra shot instead.

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Vita Liberata 2-3 Week Tan

I was SO excited about trying this tan. I literally thought it would change my life, and for €50, it would want to do just that. But this literally could be the worst tan I’ve ever tried. It was way too light, and was patchy and all over the place after a few days. It 100% doesn’t last for three weeks. Like it could work for you but I’m going to go out there and say don’t even buy it. It’s a no from me.
I have a full review of it here, patchy pictures and all!

Review - Products Not Worth the Hype on

On another, more positive note, here are eight things I’ve been loving lately.


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