Happy New Year! Or Happy National Hangover Day. It’s an official day, I swear. How, HOW is it 2018 already? Like all the craziness in the run up to Christmas and it’s already all over. But how satisfying is it that 2018 is starting on a Monday? Like it could be a sign that this will be the year everything will fall in to place, I’ll build a booty that Beyoncé would envy and my brain will function without needing two coffees first. But more than likely, give me three days and I’ll be elbows deep into a spice bag. ANYWAY. A New Year, a new style of Pinteresting Monday. This one is all about boots, and of course the fab outfits that go with them. I just love a fab pair of boots, I’ll wear them for as much as I can all year. I really think I have an actual, real obsession with boots. I’ve been living in these Zara babies lately, have a creep on them right here.

So here are the ones that I’ve been pinning lately – if I could just basically download them and they’d appear in my wardrobe that’d be greeeeeeeat.

I love the red boots here, I’m after treating myself to a v similar pair from River Island and I’m too excited to get them. I’ve had my eye on them for the past three months, so they’re well deserved at this stage! You’d swear they cost an arm and a leg, but they’re going to be so worth it. 😀

River Island still have a fab sale on their boots, I picked up a couple of pairs over Christmas – including these AMAZING ones. Not everyone’s cup of tea, but I’m so in love!


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