Happy Monday! And even more so, it is a happy Monday because it’s a Bank Holiday Monday. YASSS. I almost used to dread Bank Holiday weekends when I was in working in retail, simply because I was still stuck in work when it seemed like every other single person in the world had a long weekend. So now, naturally, I’m one of those smug people that will Tweet constantly about having a long weekend *insert angel face here*. Anyway, getting back to the post, Pinteresting Monday!

I’ve been using Pinterest so much more lately. For everything from ideas on how to stack my toilet roll to what to wear to Liam Gallagher. It’s a DREAM! More so, because of the fabulous weather we’ve been having, I’ve been stalking summer outfits. I’m one of those gals that prefer sunny weather, but much prefer winter clothes. I’m all for dark shades and fabulous boots. You’ll rarely catch me in colour, even in the summer, but I’m kind of feeling it lately. Everything from Chris Brown’s yellow tracksuit in Freaky Friday (obsessed) to multi-colour stripes. So here’s a few colourful, fabulous outfits I’ve been pinning lately. And of course, some not so colourful ones too, because a leopard doesn’t change its stripes after all!

So that’s what I’ve been pinning over on Pinterest lately. The last ‘Pinteresting Monday’ post was all about nails, so make sure to check that one out right here.

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