Happy Monday! The absolute RELIEF that’s is finally February, January felt like the longest month ever. It genuinely felt like there were 98 days between December and January pay day. Not to be dramatic, but it almost killed me. BUT during that ridiculously long month, I finally moved into an apartment. I no longer have a vile commute and it’s only fab. So, of course, I’ve been doing plenty of homeware shopping and scrolling through homeware boards on Pinterest. Which might not be the best idea, because my lil’ apartment will never be half as nice. Unless my landlord gave me free reign and a free reign budget to go with it!
So here are some fab lil’ ideas I’ve been looking at on Pinterest. Perfect if you’re renting and you can’t change a whole lot of things. It’s the little things that make a difference really!

The Board

Completely ‘basic bitch’, but I don’t even care – I’m just loving candles everywhere, gold details and flowers. I picked up a gold spray in Woodies that I’ve used to spray a couple of things around the apartment and it makes SUCH a difference. Now, all that needs to be done is a bit of painting and shelves put up. There could be an awful lot more to be done – but, like I said

I’ve picked up some amazing bits in Penneys (obviously), The Range, Argos and IKEA. It was my first time in IKEA and I wasn’t even half prepared! How people manage to go in their and only get what they need I don’t think I’ll ever understand!

So, if anyone has any suggestions for homeware shopping, do send them over!

Homeware edit - small apartment decor
Cheap and cheerful bits from Penneys & The Range


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