Happy Mondaaaaay. Is there anything better than a sunny Bank Holiday Monday? That is if you’re off of course! All I did today was walk, eat, walk to another place to eat, eat some more. Ideal. Really though, can we just stop for a second – how is it May already? January went on what felt like five months and now we’re basically halfway through 2018. I’m going to 30 before I know it and I don’t think I’m okay with that. But, more importantly, I just booked my nail appointment. I used to be slightly obsessed with my nails, going all out with glitter and what not.

But now that they’ve turned against me and snapped off one by one, I’m back to square one and trying to grow them. So I’m not about the glitter nails anymore, until they’re long again that is. So, of course, all I’m seeing around me are fabulous, fabulous nails. I spotted Jamie Genevieve with bright yellow nails on her Insta today and I think I’m tempted to go for those. Here’s what I’ve been pinning lately when it comes down to nails.



My nails have been hating on me lately. One in particular, because I decided to take my shellac off myself, after three cocktails. Not the best idea I’ve ever had! Basically, I damaged my pinky nail so much that it needs to grow a whole new nail bed. So I have nine long-ish nails and one stumpy nail that just will not grow. If you want to know how to take care of your shellac, first of all, don’t remove it yourself post cocktails. Secondly, check out this post right here for some extra tips!


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