Making the Most of Your Daily Commute

Ever since I’ve been in retail, I had no longer than a ten-minute walk to work. I definitely didn’t appreciate it as much! But since I finished college, I got a new job that I’m loving – only it takes an awful lot longer…

2018 Planners and Agendas

Perfect Planners to Get Your Life Together!

Although we’re basically well into January now, it’s better late than never to be getting your shit organised. I LOVE stationery, particularly planners no idea why – I just love anything that makes me feel like I have…

Pinteresting Monday: The Boots

Happy New Year! Or Happy National Hangover Day. It’s an official day, I swear. How, HOW is it 2018 already? Like all the craziness in the run up to Christmas and it’s already all over. But how satisfying is it that…

Ziaja Skincare – the Fab and Affordable Range

Lately, I’ve been trying to get more and more into skincare. Because I pile on so much makeup, I’ve been guilty of neglecting my skincare now and again! So that’s one thing I’ll be doing in 2018, putting…

LA Girl Cosmetics Review

I’ve been going on about how good the LA Girl foundation and concealers are for a while now, I was just obsessed with them for ages. The quality is so good and the prices are just as good too. You can…

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