How To Spend One Week In Vegas

Last Summer while looking up cheap holidays on Holiday Guru, myself and my boyfriend came across an amazing deal for Las Vegas. One week in Vegas, accommodation in Hard Rock Hotel and flights for about €1,200 for both of us. It might sound crazy, but I think that’s a great deal for a great holiday. There was a deal for somewhere like Spain that even worked out more expensive than Vegas, I can’t remember the exact price, but we literally couldn’t pass up on that Vegas trip! We ended up changing the hotel, but that’s a long story and it has nothing do with the hotel we had already booked or Holiday Guru.

I love Holiday Guru, there’s such great deals once you can go on the selected dates.

So, if you’re planning on going to Vegas on holidays, or just interested in hearing about Vegas, it’s a bit of a long one but keep reading. 🙂 Even though we were there almost a week, we didn’t do half the things that we had originally wanted to do. So I’m just going to go through a few of the bits we did do, how to save a bit of money while you’re there, places to eat and handy things to pack, the norm travel post! Even though I’ve never written one before, ha!



So because we got a cheap deal, it took FOREVER to get there. It took three flights to get there, and three flights back. Not ideal, but it was worth it in the end! If you can, I’d advise selecting flights with as little stops for as little time as possible, but obviously, that’s always the best option anyway. Safe to say I was so jet-lagged, and so cranky ha!

Also, it’s obviously more expensive to stay in a hotel that’s actually on the strip so we stayed in a hotel that was only a ten-minute walk from the strip and it was perfect. It was easy to come and go off the strip whenever we wanted and it wasn’t too crazy.

One great tip if you’re planning on going to Vegas, is to download the ‘My Vegas’ app. I’m not sure exactly how it works because I didn’t use the app myself, my boyfriend did. But you basically play games like poker, black or red (Vegas-sy things!) on it and build up points, which you can exchange for two for one tickets, free drinks in certain places, even nights in hotels! So for example, we got a two for one ticket to Siegfried & Roy’s Secret Garden And Dolphin Habitat, a free ride on the New York, New York rollercoaster, a few cocktails here and there and another few bits. Especially if you planning a Vegas trip well in advance, start building up points on this and it’s so worth it.


Vegas tips on - Las Vegas


One of the highlights of the whole week was the Cirque du Soleil show ‘Love’. This is their Beatles tribute show and it’s absolutely amazing. It was on in The Mirage and I would 110% recommend it. I have no photos to show how amazing it was because they’re really strict about no photography or anything like that – the woman beside me tried to sneak out her phone to get sneaky pictures a few times so I got to see exactly how strict they are about it, at least it wasn’t me trying to be sneaky that’s all I’m saying! We originally wanted to see the Michael Jackson tribute Cirque du Soleil show, but that was completely booked, so if you have your eye on that one make sure to book in advance! You really can’t miss out on any of these shows in Vegas, it’s ridiculous how amazing they are – my jaw was basically dropped for the whole show!

There’s a few places that are super tourist-y, like the fountains, Paris and New York, New York but I LOVED them ALL. We went to see the fountains (at The Bellagio) almost every day, a few times each day. They’re amazing during the day, but even better at night. Of course, they look great in films (& Bruno Mars’ latest video) but they are literally surreal in real life (I don’t think I’ve ever even used the work surreal, but it’s the only way to describe them!). I’ve actually nevre seen anything like them. They play a different song each time with a different style too, so it doesn’t get boring. From Bruno Mars, The Beatles and classical music, they’ve got all the taste!


Vegas tips on - Las Vegas


Paris – or Vegas’s version of ‘Paris’ where they have a mini version of the ‘Eiffel Tower’ is another good one too. It’s basically straight across from the fountains so it’s smack bang in the middle of everything. There’s a few French restaurants, a huge casino and you can do the ‘Eiffel Tower Experience’ where you can go up to the top of the tower and the views are amazing, try time this so you can see the fountain show from up there too, we weren’t smart enough to think of this on time! We also used points from that app to get the Eiffel Tower experience for half price too. I didn’t think Paris is as good as other places, but it’s a worth a visit and if you’re on the strip you’ll more than likely be walking past it anyway.


Vegas tips on - Las Vegas


New York, New York was one of my favourites too. The Hershey’s shop is there, which is literally like a chocolate heaven and they had the biggest chocolate covered strawberries! A casino (obviously), an Irish bar as well as a chocolate bar (all chocolate based alcoholic drinks!) there’s literally so much there. Not to forget the New York New York rollercoaster. I love rollercoasters, but oh my god, this one! I’m not even sure how to explain it, basically just a scary, amazing blur ha! The rollercoaster starts off in the New York New York building and then goes around the outside of the building too, so there’s great views for about a millisecond! If you like rollercoasters, definitely try that one!


Vegas tips on - Las Vegas

Vegas tips on - Las Vegas

Vegas tips on - Las Vegas


There’s so many options when it comes to eating out, I’ve forgotten a few because it’s been a couple of months now, but the ones that stuck out for all the good reasons are The Cheesecake Factory, Cabo Wabo and The Wynn. We initially went to the Wynn (such a fab hotel!) for their famous buffet breakfast but the queue was actually crazy and we thought we got there early! I was also extremely hangry so we decided against the buffet breakfast (next time..) and just got breakfast in the cafe in the Wynn just down from the buffet. This was the most gorgeous breakfast with an equally gorgeous view, even the thoughts of the eggs benedict that morning makes me hungry! Cabo Wabo is a fab Mexican restaurant just beside Planet Hollywood and we went here, I’d say about five times, it was SO GOOD. We tried breakfast, lunch and dinner there and they were all fab (see the pic below) they have Mexian style eggs benedict which is basically to die for. It just across from the Bellagio and Ceasers Palace too and there’s seats outside but it’s not on ground level so it’s a great place to enjoy your food and if people watching is your thaaang. The Cheesecake Factory needs no explaining at all, I’m just making myself hungry ha!

Vegas tips on - Las Vegas

Vegas tips on - Las Vegas

Vegas tips on - Las VegasVegas tips on - Las Vegas

This milkshake in the last two photos is hands down the best milkshake I have ever tasted. Ever! If you’re going to Vegas, you 100% need to go to the LVB Burgers and Bar in The Mirage and get this s’mores milkshake. You can thank me later. 😀

There’s amazing ‘to-go’ daiquiri places all along the strip too, where you can choose your alcohol (or no alcohol!) and your flavour. Watermelon and vodka was my choice all week and it was a great choice too, if I do say so myself! I may or may not have sneaked a bit of my own vodka into too….

Vegas tips on - Las Vegas

The last thing I’m going to just touch on lightly is packing. I brought so many clothes and basically didn’t wear half of them. I also lived in my runners. I brought heels just in case but I didn’t even think of wearing them once. The amount of walking you will do all day, every day, and night is CRAZY. Even a walking through one hotel your feet would be knackered! So treat yourself to a nice pair of runners and don’t even think about getting into your heels. Unless you never feel like your feet might actually fall off wearing heels, then you do you, boo.

One thing I 100% regret that I didn’t do while I was in Vegas is that I didn’t go see Britney Spears. If you have the chance, GO SEE BRITNEY.

I would definitely go back and hopefully I will!

& I’ll leave it there! 🙂 Let me know if you enjoyed.


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