Nia Calendula & Orange Blossom Cleansing Balm – Raving Review

Nia Natural Beauty is all about Irish made, natural skincare products. I’ve been trying to take better care of my skin lately and it’s a lot harder than I thought it would be. How is it that kids are just blessed with amazing skin – yet they don’t even appreciate it? Anyway. I had been looking at Nia skincare on Instagram but hadn’t read too much into it.

Linda from Nia Skincare messaged me on Instagram one day to see if I’d like to give one of the Nia products a try. Seen as I’ve been trying to up my skincare game I jumped at the chance! So she sent me out the balm cleanser to try.*

I feel like I’m doing an awful lot of this kind of posts lately, but it’s literally just the timing. I’m not swimming in free things, unfortunately, ha!
Still my 101% honest opinion, I feel like I’m forever repeating myself saying that, but just to get it out there – have a read of What She Does Now post all about blogging and honesty, such a good read! but I’m not too used to reviewing skincare so if you can bear with me that would be greaaaat.

Nia Natural Beauty Review

“Gentle yet effective 2 step wash off facial cleansing balm suitable for daily cleansing and heavy make-up removal on even sensitive skin. Use daily as your main facial cleanser to cleanse skin thoroughly and leave skin clean, soft and radiant.”

I’ve been using the cleansing balm to take off my makeup each night and I’m obsessed. It feels amazing going on, as in super silky. It’s always such an effort taking off makeup but this makes it that bit easier.
It’s a two-step cleanser that you use with cleansing cloths. A few cleansing cloths come with the cleanser, but I always use either the Makeup Eraser or Skin Nerd Cleanse Off Mit anyway. I think it works a bit better with them because they’re thicker than the cleansing cloths that come with the cleanser. But they’re handy to have too!
The first couple of times I used it I wasn’t a fan of the smell at all. But once I used it a few times the smell grew on me – I’m aware of how weird that sounds! But I’m completely obsessed with the smell of it now. It’s calendula and orange blossom scented, actually so fab.

Nia Natural Beauty Review


A Little Goes a Long Way

I’ve been using this cleanser since early December and there’s still SO much left. A little goes a long way with it, it’s a balm texture that turns into what feels like almost a dry oil. It just feels amazing on.
It’d be perfect for travelling too because there’d be no spills. So just ideal if you’re always on the go.


Nia Natural Beauty Review
 How much is left after two months of constant use – YASS


This cleanser was made for all skin types, my skin can be combination at best and a bit over the place in general and it completely agreed with my skin. It feels really soothing and there were zero breakouts. Thankfully! It’s super gentle on the skin and actually feels like a bit of a treat for your skin. Rather than the actual effort of taking your makeup off!
One thing is that it doesn’t remove every scrap of makeup the first time around. I wear a good bit of makeup so I find that I always have to double cleanse anyway.

Since I started using the cleanser, I filled in the personal skincare plan on the Nia Natural Beauty website. Now I genuinely have a list as long as my arm of the things I want to buy from the range. I’ll be only glowing in no time!

Not that I’m a skincare expert, but I would so recommend this. It’s also fab to be supporting Irish companies too. 🙂

In the last review I posted, I didn’t have as much good things to say about – check out a bit of a disappointing (and expensive) product here.

*I was sent out the Nia Cleansing Balm to try out, but wasn’t asked to write a blog post, share any social images or didn’t receive a penney. Just to make it crystal clear. 🙂

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