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Anyone who knows me will know that I am obsessed with make up, as well as MUA’s. Some make up artists are basically magic and that’s it, and Jeanette Cronin is definitely one of those make up artists!

Jeanette Cronin MUA - beautitude blog

Jeanette is a freelance MUA based in Cork and manager at Inglot Mahon Point.

I started following Jeanette’s MUA page on Facebook a while ago, then recently I started following her on Snapchat (jeanettecronin) and watching her tutorials on YouTube and seen then I’ve become obsessed! And that hair! I need the heart emoji on my laptop for times like this!

Jeanette Cronin MUA - beautitude blogJeanette Cronin MUA - beautitude blog

Since I added Jeanette on Snapchat she’s become one of my favourites. Whether she’s showing the make up looks she’s done on clients in Inglot, showing amazing Inglot products (Jeanette has literally made me NEED the Inglot HD Lip Tints) or having the chats while she’s waiting for the kettle to boil! She literally has to be one of the cutest and funniest people ever, from her hilarious stories about meeting Amber Dean, to comparing her eyeliner to Tiny Fey and Amy Poehler from their latest film Sisters – how eyeliner goes on perfectly nice and neat on one eye and the other is just crazy and ready for a night out – the accuracy. Whichever sister it is, Jeanette’s eyeliner is AMAZING.

Jeanette Cronin MUA - beautitude blogJeanette Cronin MUA - beautitude blog

Jeanette’s YouTube tutorials have to be some of the easiest I’ve found to follow, she talks through each step of her tutorial perfectly and makes it that bit easier. Watching her tutorials is literally like getting ready with Jeanette. My favourites have to be her Winged Liner tutorial, her Cranberry Smokey Eye with Glitter & her Soft Cut Crease. If you’re into make up tutorials on YouTube and you’re not already subscribed to Jeanette, I’d suggest you get on it because you won’t be disappointed. 🙂

Jeanette Cronin MUA - beautitude blog

Jeanette is definitely one of the most talented Irish MUA’s I’ve come across to date. Her reviews from her clients on Facebook are full of praise and from her clients pictures you can see why.

Jeanette Cronin MUA - beautitude blog6Jeanette Cronin MUA - beautitude blog4



So if you love glitter, big bold lips and sharp eyeliner – you’re going to love Jeanette’s makeup!


You can check Jeanette out on

Facebook, YouTube, Instagram & Twitter.

Jeanette Cronin MUA - beautitude blog

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