Makeup tips from my faves

I could literally watch makeup tutorials on YouTube for hours, especially from my favourites Keilidh MUA, Jeanette Cronin, Sarah Cummins, Kake Me Up, just to name a few! 🙂 I’m thinking that I’m going to do a post on my favourite YouTuber’s soon. Keilidh Cashell is 100% my favourite to watch on YouTube for makeup videos and tutorials. She’s literally just amazing and I’ve learned so much from her already, she’s just goals. Some people swear by just learning makeup looks from YouTube and practicing them to get them perfect, but even just watching tutorials there’s some great tips that just stuck in my head that actually saved my life – well, not literally but definitely made my ‘makeup game’ a whole lot better and easier!

So here’s just a few makeup tips that I picked up from watching tutorials, mainly from the gals that I mentioned at the beginning, some are really simple but SO effective.Makeup tips from my favourite youtubers - makeup tips - tutorials -

  • When putting on lashes always let the glue go super tacky, put the lash strip on the lash line and then remove it. So then when you’re sticking the lashes down it kind of works like a Velcro effect – only better. They won’t budge then.
  • Use Duraline (a medium mixer from Inglot – it’s the BEST) to smudge black liner, and then set with a black shadow for a super smokey look. Smudging the liner with the tiniest bit of Duraline makes it so much easier and quicker too.
  • For carving out a cut crease, use Duraline (again) to carve out the shape of the cut crease and then set with a cream gel liner – number 68 gel liner from Inglot – you’d swear I was plugging Inglot ha!
  • I always clean up my winged liner with Duraline, but it kind of removes the eyeshadow too. So if you do this then always leave the shadow for your under eye area until AFTER you’ve cleaned up your wing. So simple but it makes so much sense!
  • Pigments give a more metallic effect when swiped on, and a more sparkly effect when pressed on.
  • Press eyeshadows on and then blend them for a more intense colour pay off.
  • Duraline talk again – only a half drop of Duraline is needed per eye. I always used way too much!
  • Always have a clean blending brush to hand.
  • Tilt your head back when doing your liner so that your eye is a more even surface, but keep checking it by looking straight ahead into the mirror.

So there just a few tips that I thought were so helpful. I’m going to do a post soon on my favourite people on YouTube, not just beauty related but everything in between. 🙂

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