LA Girl Cosmetics Review

I’ve been going on about how good the LA Girl foundation and concealers are for a while now, I was just obsessed with them for ages. The quality is so good and the prices are just as good too. You can read all about the foundation here and the concealers here. So, I was only delighted with myself when I was sent out a few LA Girl bits to try from TRND Beauty.

Okay so, first things first – I don’t get a load of stuff sent out to me all the time so I’m like a child at Christmas when it does happen. It’s still 100% my honest opinion, even though I was only delighted to be getting sent a few bits that I more than likely would have bought anyway. So now that that’s out of the way, keep reading for a review of a few LA Girl bits. Spoiler: the highlighter is just diviiiiine.

LA Pro Face Powders

I’ve been reaching for these two powders almost every day since I got them. The pressed powder does exactly want you want it to do, takes the oily look away and leaves a lovely finish. If I was really bothered I’d top it up again a few hours later, but I think that’s only because my makeup does be on for such a long time and my skin can be oily in places.

The bronzer is FAB. It has a nice, warm tone to it, but not too much that it can’t be used for contouring. A little goes a long way with this because it’s so pigmented. It actually surprised me at first with how pigmented it was. I’d put this on at 6am and when I’m finally getting to take my makeup off, 14 hours later, it’s still perfectly in place and hasn’t budged. Fab shade for an eyeshadow too.

SO worth the money. The powders are only €10.50 each so they’re definitely worth a try.

The strobing powder is on a new level altogether. The pigment is actually ridiculous so you only need the smallest amount. This has a fab white, frosty kind of glow to it. The pigment does die down after a few hours but you’re still left with a natural glow. It comes in seven shades, so I think I’ll try out a warmer kind of shade. I love nothing more than a fab highlight so I’m only deliraaaaa with this!

All About Eyes

If you do your makeup on the go, these eyeshadows are so handy. They’re small and compact but there’s still a lot of product there too. They’re not as crazy pigmented as a lot of other eyeshadows I’ve tried, but they’re great for quick, everyday eyeshadow because they leave a nice, natural look.


I was a bit meh about the Line Art liner at first. I was going for wings that I could basically take off with and it wasn’t working out. The tip isn’t pigmented enough for a dramatic wing, unless you want to spend ages at it and that’s not ideal.

Then, I started using it as an everyday liner without the wings. It’s perfect for a quick everyday look. It’s so easy to use that I’ve been doing my liner on the train every morning in about two minutes. If you’re using it on its side it’s super pigmented and so easy to get a quick, clean line. It literally doesn’t budge all day, no smudging or moving about it just stays put. It’s SO worth the money, has to be my new favourite for early mornings when I need my eyes to look a bit more alive!

LA Girl Cosmetics
                  LA Girl Line Art Liner & Eye Lux shadows

I have the shade cappuccino, which is a bit in between brown and black. I’m definitely going to pick up the black one because they’re just AMAZING. They’re only €11.70, which I think is a bit crazy for how good these liners are.

The white liner pencil isn’t half as good as the Line Art liner. I’m not a massive fan of eyeliner pencils so maybe I’m a bit biased. Because it’s a bright shade, I thought it would be ideal for my waterline to make my eyes look more awake. I was using an Inglot gel liner for my waterline before so there’s no comparison with them really. It’s a bit uncomfortable to actually put on, and it doesn’t last very well. I think I’ll try a brown or a black shade for my eyelids themselves and I might like it more, but I’m not gone on the white shade, or a pencil in general for the waterline.

Setting Spray

I’ve never really strayed from Urban Decay All Nighter as a setting spray, so I’ve been comparing this setting spray to that because I haven’t really tried any cheaper ones.

I wasn’t overly impressed with this. It does the job you want it to but I wouldn’t be all too mad about it – probably because of the UD spray!

It’s grand for an everyday kind of setting spray and the little size of it is handy. It’s also less than a tenner too so over all it’s worth it for what you get.


The LA Girl range it’s such good quality for the price you’re paying. Definitely worth a try! If you fancy having more of a read about a couple of these bits, have a look at ‘8 Thing I’m Obsessed With Right Now’.


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