L.O.V Cosmetics – Review

Is there anything better than coming across some fab beauty bits that don’t cost you a fortune? LOV Cosmetics is one of the latest budget beauty brands to settle down in Ireland. I’ve seen LOV Cosmetics a fair bit on social media lately, but I’ve yet to come across a stand. Although they’re available in most Shaws, Sam McCauleys, Lloyd’s Pharmacy, Cara Pharmacy a few more.

I was only delighted with myself when the gals at O’Leary PR asked if I’d like to try out a few LOV bits*. I love trying out new makeup, but I’m a broke ass bitch so of course I jumped at the chance. I’m not the kind of blogger that gets 372 packages a week so I was loving life!

Even though I was sent out these bits to try, this post is full of my own, honest opinion. As always. 😀 So, keep reading if you want to have a nosey at some fab LOV bits.


LOV EYEtraction Magnetic Loose Eyeshadow

LOV Cosmetics Review

I’ve never heard of a product like this, let only tried something like it. Although it’s a loose eyeshadow, it’s kept together magnetically so there’s no messy spills – basically wizardry. It can be used dry for a metallic effect, or applied wet for a more foiled effect. You can actually use it on your lips as well, although I didn’t get around to trying that!

I’ve used it about three/four times now but I’m loving it so far. It’s super pigmented and the sparkle through it is just gorgeous. It’s so easy to use, applies like a dream and blends so easily. Perfect if you’re not too confident using glitters or pigments! It comes in ten shades and they’re €10.95 each. Seen as you can basically get palettes for that price now, I thought it was a bit much at first. But it’s basically on the same level as other pigments and glitters I’ve used so it’s so worth the tenner. I’m 100% going to pick up more shades.


LOV Glacious Long Lasting Stylo Eyeshadow

LOV Cosmetics Review

This is another one I love, although this swatch does it no justice! It’s basically an eyeshadow stick that you can just glide on. It’s super creamy and although it’s not as pigmented as the magnetic shadow, it’s buildable so you can have a natural look with a bit of shine or build it up for that extra bit of sparkle.

I used it both on its own and as a base for shimmer eyeshadows to really make them stand out and it’s just ideal for both. It’s great for a quick and easy look and it blends like a dream. It also doesn’t crease and stays all day too. Yaaasss!


LOV Dualist 2in1 Powder Foundation

I loved this powder, but I really don’t think it’s enough to use as a foundation alone. Unless you want a super natural, no makeup look – but really, really natural. I’ve been using it as a normal powder to set my foundation. I’m loving using it as a normal powder. I only need to top up my powder once, maybe twice at a push using this. Which I think is great, considering my makeup goes on at 6am and doesn’t come off until 8pm that night!


LOVglow Highlighting Drops

LOV Cosmetics Review

I LOVED this. Highlighters literally give me life, so that’s nothing new. I’ve been using this the most out of all the bits. It’s perfect used on it’s own, as a base for foundation, mixed in with foundation, on it’s own over foundation or as a base for another highlighter. It isn’t a blinding highlight, so if you’re looking for something natural then it’s perfect. I’ve been using it along with a powder highlight and it’s just fab.

The only thing is the actual dropper on mine stopped working after a couple of uses, so I have to more or less shake the product out of it. I probably just got a dodgy one! But I think I’ll be running to get another when mine runs out. It’s only €11.95 so it’s definitely worth it. There’s a silvery kind of shade and a more gold toned one. I’ve the silvery shade at the moment so I think I’ll be trying the gold one next!

LOV Fatal Muse Liquid Matte Lipstick

LOV Cosmetics Review

I love a matte lipstick, but my lips are always so dry that I have to put Vaseline or something over them. So I was a bit iffy about this, but it didn’t dry out my lips at all. The colour of this is fab, so is the applicator and the actual feel of the lipstick on. It’s so creamy and not drying at all. But the transfer. THE TRANSFER. I was getting red lipstick everywhere, so that was a big downfall. But considering it’s under €10, I suppose you can’t really have it all. Considering the price and the feel of the lipstick on, I probably would go for a few more colours. But I wouldn’t be wearing it if I need my lipstick to not budge for the day. They also have a range of lipglosses that I haven’t tried, but I’m now thinking it would probably be best to go for those rather than the liquid matte lipsticks.


LOV Best Dressed Eye Pencil

I’m not the biggest fan of pencil liners, so I wasn’t the biggest fan of this. It goes on easily enough and the pencil itself is quite thin, so it actually is nice to use. But although it’s a black pencil, it has an almost blue tint off it. Really, I only liked it on when I smudged out the liner, it smudged easily enough and didn’t transfer all over the place. I don’t think I’d buy it, mainly because I’m just not a fan of those kind of eyeliners.

LOV Cosmetics review

Just look at that glow from the highlighting drops! That’s the highlighting drops on their own, so you can only imagine the GLOWWWW when there’s another highlighter on top. I’ve also got the eyeshadow stick on (it doesn’t really photograph well, but it’s fab in real life!) and the pencil liner smudged out a bit.

Seen as a lot of the LOV bits are under €10, I think they’d be fab little stocking fillers for any makeup lovers. If you have or haven’t started your Christmas shopping, my latest is post is a Christmas Gift Guide, so make sure to have a lil’ creep at that if you’re looking for ideas!

*I wasn’t asked by O’Leary PR to write a blog post on these bits, and it’s obviously not #sponsored or #AD either. I’m no So Sue Me just yet ha!

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