Let’s get it out there, Irish bloggers have been getting an awful lot of shit online lately. The majority of it is completely justified. Like, we know you got your lips done hun, just say it. As for the whole snapping while driving, that’s on a whole different level. But I am all for the bloggers who don’t take every sponsored post and actually create content that doesn’t stop at an OOTD on Instagram. Although I am partial to an aul’ outfit of the day! I’ve unfollowed a lot of Irish bloggers, but I’ll always go back to my favourites. Sarah Hanrahan of icomeundone.com being one of them. I’ve gone on about my love for Sarah’s blog before (you can catch that here) but she kindly agreed to do a mini interview with me.

The Blogging Side of Things

What motivates you to stay blogging?
I’m motivated to keep blogging by the response my posts get. If I know they’re helping people I feel compelled to continue. I’m also motivated by the exciting opportunities I’ve gotten through the blog over the last two years.

In general, how long does it take you to write a blog post – from start to finish?
It very much depends on what the post is on. For example, my Dublin events posts take 4-5 hours whereas a written topical piece would be done in around two hours.

What are your favourite kind of posts to read?
I love any posts where you can feel the writer’s passion on the topic, the writing is more important than the genre for me.

Do you have any favourite bloggers in particular?
I think Rosemary MacCabe writes really well, Anouska PB takes beautiful photos and Lissyy Roddy and Pretty Sickly have great style.

Interview with Sarah Hanrahan of I Come Undone Blog on beautitude.ie

Dublin – One of Sarah’s Main Blogging Topics

Favourite place for drinks and laughs?
I have a few usual haunts around Dublin that include Olesya’s or Keoghs depending on my mood. You can’t beat a bottle of vino in Pyg either (… well, you CAN beat the quality of the wine but I love the atmosphere there!)

Favourite place for food?
My faves are endless but Shouk in Drumcondra or Arisu on Capel st are both haunts I return to time & time again.

Do you have a most loved thing about Dublin?
I love the characters of Dublin the most, the people absolutely make this city.

Best way to spend a weekend?
I had a really enjoyable weekend just gone which involved a Friday night in reading a book wearing a fave mask. Saturday was an exhibition and boozy brunch with the girls followed by a mini pub crawl then Sunday was spent with Sean & Stanley out to eat & wandering the Sunday markets. That’s a pretty perfect weekend to me.

Best places to go mid-week?
Any of the open mic nights around town.

Interview with Sarah Hanrahan of I Come Undone Blog on beautitude.ie

Bits & Pieces

What’s your go-to makeup look?
Foundation, bronzer, highlighter, mascara. I like to look fresh & not too caked

What’s your go-to style for everyday, casual wear?
All black outfit with white trainers and a leather jacket is my uniform of choice.

What does a usual day look like for you?
Admin in the morning, gym class at 10.30, then home to create content and out in the evening socialising, going to events or grabbing a bite with Sean.

Anything you’re most looking forward to this year?
In terms of blogging I feel like the response to the the new elements I’ve introduced such as the weekly Dublin events posts on the blog and, showing different ways to wear the pieces in my outfit posts on Instagram have been met with a fantastic response so I’m really excited to see how they develop over the year. Personally, I’m really hoping to do a little European road trip with Sean & Stanley… Nothing has been planned but I’d absolutely love to make it happen after our road trip of Cork & Kerry last year.

Beauty product you just can’t live without?
Dry shampoo. I’m a sucker for getting my nails done too… I don’t feel right without them on!

Interview with Sarah Hanrahan of I Come Undone Blog on beautitude.ie

Now for a Fire Round…

Tea or coffee?
Both are essential for getting through the day!

Pub or nightclub?

iPhone or Samsung?

Ultimate favourite food?
Tandoori cauliflower or any veg sigh a hit of spice… and fresh bread, you have the have fresh bread!

Blogs or Vlogs?
Vlogs…. if the person has an interesting personality…!

If you’re not already following Sarah on social media, you need to sort that right now. Check out her Instagram (one of my favourites), Facebook & Twitter.

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