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I’m a huge fan of Inglot, so last year when they announced that the pro team were doing road shows in a few counties, I jumped at the chance to go. I didn’t get the chance to go this year, but I absolutely loved it last year. I followed last years pro team gals on social media religiously last year (I still do with most of them), so I was only delighted to be going along.

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The roadshow we went to was the Waterford one and was from 2pm-5pm. We got there early enough to get front row seats, so I had only the best view. When we got there, we got a leaflet with all the information in it about the roadshow, what the demos were, who the MUA’s were, all of that. We also got a card for a 15 minute makeup lesson, a discount code to get 20% off online and a certificate of attendance. Over all, it started with an introduction from Jane who is the director of Inglot Ireland, there were five demos, and then it finished off with a Q&A and a chance to match foundation and brow shades.

Maria Murphy started off with a skin demo, going through everything needed for the perfect look from primer to setting spray, and all the brushes too. This is what made me fall in love with the sculpting powders and sparkle dust, & also what made me buy the amazing 4SS brush! Maria (and all the other girls) went through their favourite makeup artists, their favourite looks and all their best tips. It was almost memorising watching her work her magic, she’s just amazing at what she does!
Inglot Roadshow low down and review on beautitude.ieThe next demo was a brow demo by Katie O’Driscoll. Brows are just life. Katie went through brow gels, carved out the brow with concealer and used the 31T brush, I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about this brush!

Then there was the amazing Ruth Bergin demoing a smokey eye. Ruth Bergin isn’t with Inglot anymore but she is the one to go to for festival looks, just amazing! Ruth used the gorgeous Love palette, sculpting powders and 114 pigment to create a gorgeous smokey eye.

Michelle Fox then demoed Inglot’s signature eye. Michelle isn’t with Inglot anymore either, but she’s one of my favourites for gorgeous makeup looks. At this part I was basically writing down all my favourite shadows that Michelle used, the look was amazing! The brushes Michelle loved here were the 20P brush, 6SS brush and 12S brush for liner.
Lastly, there was a lip demo by Taylor Lee. Taylor was actually leaving Inglot at the time of the roadshow to set off to Canada. So that’s 2 out of 5 left! I think this is how I learned to overdraw lips properly. As in overdraw in the centre and bring back to your natural lip line. The products that Taylor raved about were 116 stardust pigment and 854/855 lipliner.

All of the girls were obsessed with the sparkling dusts, you can read about them here. 🙂

Inglot Roadshow low down and review on

After the demos, there was a Q&A with all the girls. They talked about their favourite makeup artists, artificial lighting for photos, their favourite products and best tips. Almost everything and anything. Because we all had an online discount code, there were two stands at the back of the room to colour match both foundation and brows. So it was handy to know what shade you’d be leaving.

Inglot Roadshow low down and review on
Image from Inglot Ireland Instagram

The tickets were only €15 so it’s well worth it. Although you’ll probably end up spending a fortune with that discount code! If you’re into makeup at all, it’s a great day out. But make sure you’ve enough €€€’s to take advantage of the discount code, because it only lasts 48 hours!

I would definitely go along to the roadshows again. 🙂

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