Inglot intermediate/beginner course – er’thang you need to know

I love everything I know about Inglot, from the brand itself, the amazing style and creativity of the Inglot makeup artists. Their style of makeup might not be for everyone, as in full of glitter, blown out bold colours, but I absolutely love it. So during the summer of last year, I decided to go ahead and book in for the Inglot Intermediate/Beginner course, which is now the beginners course. I kind of already knew the basics of makeup, but I went for the beginners course so I could learn the Inglot basics, rather than jumping into the middle of all those MUA’s! I’ve no photos from the course itself, so I’ll just have to try explain it. I was always too busy chatting and playing with all the fab makeup ha!

Inglot Intermediate/Beginners course review on

All the Inglot courses are on various dates, and depend on the Inglot store you want to take the course in too. There are no Inglot stores near me (sob.), so I travelled up to their pro store on South Anne Street and completed the course there. The beginners course is one three hour class a week, for three weeks so it works out at nine hours altogether and it cost €199, including a deposit fee of €50. At the end of the third class, you also get a certificate of completion. Each night the course was on, you would also get a discount on whatever you wanted to buy that night, I’m 90% sure it was 15% off!  We had a class of about ten and as far as I know, it’s usually two makeup artists teaching the classes so we had the amazing Zoe Chan and Alison Dunne who both work in South Anne Street.

Inglot Intermediate/Beginners course review on

Week 1:

For the first week, the class was focused on hygiene, prep, skin and brows. The way the girls thought it was they showed their own demo first while talking through everything, and then you could either practice on yourself, or on a friend and they were there to ask questions or if there was any help needed. We were all given a sheet with the product list printed on it before the demos too.

The hygiene was basically common sense, but of course that has to be gone through and it’s always good to know anyway! We went through different primers and what suits what kind of skin, which was great to know because that can be a bit daunting sometimes.

I really think it’s all about practice but a few tips I had picked up from week 1 that I think are good tips are:

  • Pop on your primer on to the face and then move onto the eyes, so when you go to do your face the primer has been given time to sink in and is at the right consistency
  • Use under eye concealers for prepping the eye lids
  • Use the Inglot 4SS brush (a big blending brush) for blending foundation into smaller areas like around the nose and into the hair line
  • When applying eye makeup on other people, ask them to look down at their knees, rather than closing their eyes. This stretches out the lid a small bit so it just makes everything easier.
  • Always start at the arch of the brow, the flatter the brush the better, and using a powder BEFORE putting gel through brows gives a natural, but defined look.

Week 2:

Week 2 was the same idea as the first week, but was focused all on the eyes. Zoe and Ali asked us what kind of eye looks we wanted to learn, and for the life of me I can’t remember what they were! If I’m doing another course I’ll definitely be taking photos.

  • Keep opening and closing eyes so that you can get a proper idea at what the end result will be.
  • Always have one clean blending brush handy.
  • Apply your main colours, then add liner and if needed, go back in with more shadows.
  • Do bottom liner before the top liner, for less messiness.
  • Pull the crease gently do get a super straight line.
  • When applying liner on the inner corner, look in the opposite direction.
  • When applying mascara on others, put your finger on the lid just in case any mascara gets on the lid!
  • Don’t apply lashes to closed eyes as they’re a bit smaller, look down to knees when applying lashes.

Week 3:

The last week, was all about eyes and face. The girls demoed a dark smokey eye, and a spotlight eye (I can actually remember these because I wrote them down!).

  • After priming and setting the lids, use a brown gel liner all over the lid as a dark base for a dark smokey eye.
  • Press shadows onto the gel for a really pigmented look.
  • Use highlighter on the very inner corner so it stands out compared to the rest of the eye being so dark.

Makeup courses, even masterclasses, can be so expensive. But at €200, I don’t think this is as expensive as others, and it’s definitely worth the money! Although if you’re into makeup already, the beginners class might be a bit too simple, I think anyway. It’s great if you’re an actual beginner.

It was a bit product pushy, but not in an overly annoying way and of course they’re going to want to sell their own products (they are fab after all).

I would definitely like to do the advanced course and the eye course that Inglot run over three weeks as well (it’s the same idea, and same prices for the three courses). So if you’re thinking about trying out one of the three week courses, I would say definitely go for it. 🙂

One of the products I treated myself to with the course discount was their summer palette, which you can read all about here. 🙂

Has anyone done an Inglot course or is thinking about it?


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