Iconic Bronze Extra Dark Review

I’ve been using Iconic Bronze for what feels like ever at this stage. I wear tan 24/7, so it’s nice to have a fab tan that doesn’t cost a fortune for regular days. I used to be a Cocoa Brown fan until I started using Iconic Bronze. I haven’t bought a bottle of Cocoa Brown tan since! So obviously, I was delighted when Iconic Bronze launched their Extra Dark. I ordered both their Extra Dark mousse and lotion off the site with 20% off and free delivery, I couldn’t say no to two bottles for €20!

First Impressions

I scrubbed every bit of tan off and moisturised the usual places, I was too excited to give this a go. I went for the mousse first (I’ll always be a mousse gal at heart!). My first impression was that it went on super smooth, so easily. It’s exactly like the original dark version. The guide colour is fab, there’s no orange undertone, and there’s a gorgeous sheen finish. It dried quickly, but there was still that sticky tan feeling for around five minutes afterward. Although, there’s very little transfer even though it did feel a bit sticky – I still wouldn’t be brave enough to pair it with light coloured bedsheets! I think I could be immune to the smell of tan at this stage, but I didn’t get a strong smell off this at all.

Iconic Bronze Extra Dark Review | Beautitude Blog

The Aftermath

I lashed on two layers and the colour wasn’t THAT dark, it was probably super dark for some people, but I was still expecting a little darker. But saying that, the colour is still faaaab. The wear off isn’t the best I’ve ever seen, but it’s definitely not the worst either. It gets a bit dodgy looking around your hands and feet after, probably three days. I’m one of those people that tan regularly so the wear off doesn’t bother me too much.

Iconic Bronze Extra Dark Review | Beautitude Blog
Immediately after

The Verdict

My usual midweek tan lately was the dark Iconic Bronze, but I think I’ll be switching to the extra dark! I’d definitely recommend it, especially for the price of it you really can’t go wrong.

I’m not as crazy about the lotion, it doesn’t apply as easily and it feels as if it takes longer to dry. But I think I could be a bit biased, I’ve always preferred a mousse tan!

Iconic Bronze Extra Dark Review | Beautitude Blog
Iconic Bronze – the next day

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