How to Remove Stubborn Tan

We all know what a pain removing stubborn tan can be (quite literally), is there anything worse? After years of constantly wearing fake tan, I’ve picked up a few tips and tricks on how to remove it in a hurry to start fresh that night. I’m not about dosing myself in baby oil or lemon juice or all those odd suggestions, I’ve found what I think is the best way of removing stubborn tan and it hasn’t failed me yet!


The Necessities

I’m not so much a fan of Cocoa Brown tan anymore, but I couldn’t live without their tan remover and exfoliator. They’re essential if you’re an avid tanner!
Their Fresh Start tan remover is a miracle worker. I recently compared it to Bondi Sand’s version, and I’d pick Fresh Start any day of the week. I usually apply it 10 minutes before having a shower and it makes the whole scrubbing situation ten times easier.
Cocoa Brown Tough Stuff is something I’ve been buying again and again for, probably, five years. It’s great for scrubbing away old tan and leaves your skin feeling super fresh afterwards too. Even if you’re not trying to get rid of days old tan, this is a great buy as a general exfoliator.
Another thing I think is important when it comes to removing stubborn tan is a decent exfoliating glove. Forget about that little three pack you’ve been picking up in Penneys. When it comes to an exfoliating glove, go big or go home. Choose something that’s thicker than the Penneys version, I love the Bellamianta glove, but there’s plenty to choose from in cute little pharmacies too.

How to remove stubborn tan on beautitude blog

The Timing

Realistically, if your tan is too fresh then it’s going to be an awful lot more stubborn. But this all depends on what tan you’re using and what your skin is like. I usually leave tan on for 3-4 days, maybe a couple more if I’m feeling particularly lazy. Paired with the above, I never have problems getting that old, stubborn tan off.

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