How to Grow Out a Short Hairstyle

Is there anything worse than willing your hair to grow, and feeling like it’s going nowhere? It’s ten times worse when it’s super short, and you’re trying to grow out a hairstyle altogether. It took me about a year to go from what was basically shaved sides to a bob. So I thought I’d throw together all the tips (plus a big cheat) for growing out your hair here.


How to grow out a short hairstyle on beautitude blog
November 2017 – Two short sides with an overlapping fringe

Tips & tricks

One thing I tried was to not blow dry and straighten the life out of my hair. I didn’t want the split ends adding up, so that more than necessary would have to be chopped off. It makes the world of difference!
I think it’s always a good idea to use treatments in your hair anyway, but it’ll definitely help if you’re trying to grow your hair. It’ll be stronger, healthier and there’ll be less split ends!
I’m all about heat protection and hair serum. So anytime I wash my hair, I’m packing that in.
It also helps to get your hair trimmed often. Rather than ignoring the hairdressers for six months, then having to get more cut off than you wanted.

The Cheat

Because actually waiting for your hair to grow is just insane, right? Long story short, I changed my split. I had a side split with basically the two sides of my hair almost shaved, so my hairdresser suggested changing my split to give the illusion of longer hair. My hair definitely felt a lot thinner, but the short sides were basically hidden with the changed split. So most of the time I didn’t even see how short it was underneath, which made ALL the difference.

How to grow out a short hairstyle on beautitude blog
December 2017 – When I got the split in my hair changed

It took about a year for that hairstyle to grow out fully. Although it felt like a long time, it really wasn’t considering how short my hair was.
After all that, I’m now bored with my hair and tempted to get the chop again!

How to grow out a short hairstyle on beautitude blog
October 2018 – Fully grown out

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