How to clean makeup brushes, the classic way

I have a love hate relationship when it comes to cleaning my makeup brushes. First of all, it’s such an effort! Especially when there’s so many. But there’s something so satisfying about seeing all the makeup wash out of your brushes, and there’s nothing better than clean brushes! Such a good feeling. Since the Stylepro came out, it seems like everyone has it and everyone is using that rather than manually washing their brushes (I have it too, so I can’t really talk!) But here’s a few tips on how to clean makeup brushes if you don’t use the Stylepro or are just not a fan.

Tips for cleaning makeup brushes - how I clean my makeup brushes on

It actually creeps me out seeing overly dirty brushes. It’s so important to keep your brushes clean because you’re using them on your face all the time! You wouldn’t rub a dirty cloth on your face so why use dirty brushes.. If you take good care of your brushes you’ll also have them for years and years. It’s not like good makeup brushes are cheap, so they need to be taken care of.

I first learned how to wash my makeup brushes from a Bobbi Brown makeup book. This was literally my bible a few years ago.

Tips for cleaning makeup brushes - how I clean my makeup brushes on

At the moment, I use a brush egg and Moogoo soap to clean my brushes. Moogoo soap is a soap bar made from natural products and it cleans makeup brushes so well. It also leaves them smelling fab and super soft too. It makes cleaning blending sponges so easy too.

Some people hate using brush eggs, I think they’re great for cleaning brushes and for making sure there’s no soap left in your brushes.

What I usually do is dampen my brush, swirl it around in the Moogoo soap for a couple of seconds and then swirl it under flowing water and on the brush egg until the water runs clear (of both product and soap) then I fluff out my brush on a towel and leave them to dry.

Everyone probably knows the ins and outs of washing makeup brushes by now, but here’s a few tips that I always use.

  • Make sure there’s no water left in your brush. I learned this from Niamh Martin’s of Nima Brush snaps the other day, if there’s water left in your brush and it dries out then the brush goes completely frayed and out of shape. The only way to fix this is to wash it again! That’s even more effort, so just make sure to take the heavy wet off your brushes after you wash them so there’s not water soaked in between the bristles.
  • Always lay your brushes on a flat surface to dry so that the water doesn’t travel down into the bristles, it will eventually loosen up the glue and the hairs will start falling out. Preferably leave your brushes on a flat surface with the head of the brush off the side of the surface, so the air can circulate around the bristles!
  • Spot cleaning is not enough! Spot cleaning will take dirt and bacteria (depending on what brush cleaner it is) off your brushes but they do need to be deep cleaned every so often.
  • ¬†Always reshape your brushes before leaving them to dry.

Tips for cleaning makeup brushes - how I clean my makeup brushes on

I got the Stylpro as a present for Christmas, so I’ve been using that lately and I’ll do a blog post on the pro’s and con’s of that soon because some people seem to love it and some hate it. Even with the Stylepro, I’ll still be cleaning my brushes this way every so often.


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