Four Things That Don’t Make It To Instagram

Instagram exploded as one of the most popular social media platforms, but recently people are realising more and more that it’s full of badly photoshopped selfies, strategically placed Gucci bags and perfectly poured coffee.

I’m not really complaining, seen as I spend about three hours on Instagram a day (not sure if I’m liking that latest iPhone update!). While there’s nothing I love more than a piss take post, Instagram is really seen as the place to put your best foot forward. So, I thought I’d pull a few random things together that aren’t “Insta Worthy”.

523 Other Photos

Everyone is guilty of this – for one good photo, there are least ten identical shots that didn’t make the cut. Whether it’s a failed boomerang that had to be retaken an embarrassing amount of times or a Saturday night selfie that was taken at an arm breakable angle – it’s guaranteed that a lot more photos get deleted than uploaded to Instagram.

Five Things That Don't Make It To Instagram | Beautitude Blog

Being a Blogger Can Be Shitty Sometimes

Here comes the boo hoo part. ‘Bloggers’ is almost seen as a nasty word these days, and Instagram doesn’t make it any easier. At the end of the day, juggling a blog along with one hundred things is hard. But what makes it even harder is seeing people’s followers and engagement go up further and further while yours literally plummets. First world problems! Usually, only the best parts of everything are posted to Instagram particularly when it comes to blogging. No one wants to follow someone who’s complaining and just being negative all the time, but sometimes it can just get tiring. Exactly why it’s not plastered all over Instagram.

Five THings That Don't Make It To Instagram | Beautitude Blog

The Nasty Ass Hangovers

Of course, the massive lashes and blinding highlighting highlight makes it to Instagram, and there’s nothing but an obvious glass after glass of wine on Insta Stories. But the two-day hangovers are hidden away with the curtains closed and multiple cans of Diet Coke at the ready. To be fair, no one really documents their hangovers on Instagram. But I can barely save to look at my phone while hungover let alone post to Instagram.

Five Things That Don't Make It To Instagram | Beautitude Blog

The Comparison

This probably summarises the other points I made (bar the nasty hangovers!) but comparison is everywhere on Instagram. We all know that! Whether it be comparing numbers, weight, sunglasses, selfies, the list literally goes on and on. Now and again, a post will pop up on Instagram slating comparison, reminding us that angles and Photoshop are rampant. But then, once we scroll past that post it’s all forgotten about and we’re back to square one again.

Five Things That Don't Make It To Instagram | Beautitude Blog

After all that, I could hardly not include a shameless plug to come follow me on Instagram, could I? Plus, while you’re here, you may as well be nosy and check out ‘10 Random Facts About Me‘.

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