Four Days in Budapest

I’m opting for something different than a tan review post this week, so here’s little travel post! If you’re looking for a holiday that’s packed with things to do, then maybe look elsewhere. But if you’re looking to chill, drink cheap wine in funky bars and gawk at Disney-esque buildings, then Budapest is ideal.

How to Spend Four Days in Budapest | Beautitude Blog
Fisherman’s Bastion

Brunch at Stika

The brunch here, just wow. This one was a recommendation, and it was so fab we ended up spending two mornings there. Strawberry lemonade and their ‘Crispy Eggs’ – divine! It’s a small enough place, but there’s a fab outdoor area too. Plus, there’s dog allowed. Always a bonus!


Ruin Bars

If you look up a list of things to do in Budapest, the ruin bars are sure to be on every single one of them, and it’s no wonder why. It’s worth going to as many as you can, and although the names are the simplest to remember (or maybe that’s just me) there’s definitely a few stand out bars.
Szimpla Kert was one of my faves. It’s basically made up of a few quirky rooms with crazy decor, then a gorgeous outside area. Plus, prosecco worked out at around €2.50, so that’s always a bonus!
Extra was a fab place that we stumbled across by accident, it’s more of a ‘modernised’ ruin bar than anything. But steer clear of any ‘fruity shots’, it’s 100% whiskey!

How to Spend Four Days in Budapest | Beautitude Blog
Szimpla Kert

Seeing the Sights

Between the cheap wine and amazing eggs, we fit in a bit of sightseeing. When it comes to walking, I’m basically a child. I need to be fed, watered and I get bored easily. But it was worth all the walking in the end!
The Parliament Buildings is another thing that’s on every Budapest to do list and it’s beauuuutiful. We went from there and crossed the bridge over to Fisherman’s Bastion – which has about 129,393 steps, but the views are divine.

How to Spend Four Days in Budapest | Beautitude Blog
Inside Fisherman’s Bastion
How to Spend Four Days in Budapest | Beautitude Blog
Sightseeing in Budapest

Things To Give A Miss

One touristy thing I wouldn’t bother with is the 3D Photo Gallery, where you basically get involved in the illustrations and art to take photos. It’s only a tenner or so in but the place is tiny, we got some gas photos – but I wouldn’t really recommend it.
If you’re not a whiskey fan, definitely don’t try their “delicious fruity shots”. They’re not delicious, they’re not fruity and they’re 100% whiskey.
Don’t make a drunken trip to Burger King for a chicken royale with cheese, you’ll be nothing but disappointed.

Still On The To-Do List

One thing I’m raging we didn’t get around to doing is going to New York Cafe. This honestly looked like the most glam cafe I’ve ever seen, it’s divine. And for around €7 for a coffee, it would want to be perfection.
There were a couple of other things that didn’t get ticked on the to-do list, but not memorable enough to make this list. The four days were basically a chilled pub crawl, and it was ideal.

How to Spend Four Days in Budapest | Beautitude Blog
Parliament Buildings


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