Five Of The Best Beauty Products For Under €10

Look, who doesn’t love a bargain? It’s awful exciting when you buy something that’s cheap as chips – but of course, sometimes what you’re buying might not even be worth the price of a bag of chips (unless it’s an actual bag of chips, always worth it). What’s even better than getting a bargain is getting a bargain, and falling head over heels with your new purchase. Bliss. So, on that topic, here are five of my favourite beauty products for under €10.

Avène Soothing Thermal Spring Water Spray

You know when you first try a product and you make an involuntary ‘oooooh’? Well, with this little gem, it happens every time. Every. Single. Time. This, this is like a little boost of hydration in a spray bottle. Avène products are all about caring for sensitive skin, and as their hero product, this ticks all the boxes. It contains unique naturally soothing and anti-irritating properties, making it ideal for sensitive, hypersensitive, allergic and irritated skin

Not only is it great for a little refresh throughout the day, but it can be used to soothe sunburn, razor burn and various irritations, after hair removal and treatments, and to set makeup. Plus, you don’t know soothing until you try this while hungover. Depending on where you buy it, the price can vary, but it’s always less than a tenner. I spotted it in Boots for €9, and it’s worth every single penny. Hands down, one of my fave beauty products for under €10

Makeup Revolution Soap Styler

I’ve been using Benefit’s Ready, Steady Brow for a few years and I love it, but I wanted to try a soap product for my brows for ages. Rather than splashing out on Soap Brows, I saw that Pear’s soap is literally the same thing – so I was planning on picking that up to try. Although, it turns out it’s a lot harder to get than I thought. So recently I ordered the Soap Styler from Makeup Revolution and I’m pretty much obsessed. I got mine on ASOS for around €8ish, and it’s so worth it.

I wet the soap slightly and use a spoolie to literally brush it through my brows so they look big and fluffy and gorge. It lasts pretty much all day, from what I’ve tried, so it’s ideal.

Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink

I love a MAC or Charlotte Tilbury product as much as the next gal. But, when you find a fab lipstick that’s as cheap as chips too, it’s even better. The Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink lippies are just dreamy. They glide on effortlessly, so much so that you don’t even need a mirror, wear comfortably and don’t dry out your lips. Plus, when it comes to long-lasting and not transferring, they’re up there with the best of the best. I have the shade Heroine (25), and it’s a GORGE colour for summer. For less than €10, I couldn’t ask for more.

Nivea MicellAir Professional Micellar Eye Make-Up Remover

When it comes to eye makeup remover, I swear by this (and the Double Effects version, but that’s a lot harder to find on shelves now). I’ve tried eye makeup removers that are priced at €20 plus, and they simply don’t compare to this. Rather than having to rub at your eyes, sighing and getting frustrated at the mascara that just won’t budge, this little miracle worker does all the work for you and lifts off all the product. Including smudge-proof liner and waterproof mascara. Plus, my eyes can be a bit sensitive now and again, and this doesn’t irritate them at all. You really can’t go wrong with it, particularly that it’s less than a tenner, and you can usually pick it up on offer for €3-€4.

The Cleanse Off Mitt

Over the past, I don’t know, at least five years, I’ve used either the official Cleanse Off Mitt or regular cleansing cloths to remove my makeup and I literally haven’t look back. Well, apart from the few nights that the drunkenness took over, where cotton pads and micellar water were better than nothing. But for €7 ish, the Cleanse Off Mitt is an absolute essential. I adore every product I’ve tried that Jennifer Rock has released, literally every single one. But I know that I will never be without a Cleanse Off Mitt, genuinely for the rest of my life. They’re gentle, remove almost everything with just water, then you can just throw ‘em into the washing machine and go. A must-have, easily one of the best beauty products for under €10.

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*I received some of these products as press samples, from my actual 9-5 job*

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