Happy Sunday! I couldn’t be happier that January is over. Literally. It was a long, LONG month, but it wasn’t all too bad either. I got a new apartment, I don’t dread Mondays, Courtney/Shane J won Big Brother and Creme Eggs are back on the shelves. On that note, here are eight things I’ve been loving lately!

LUNA Glosses

Another one for the lips! I’ve never really worn lipgloss until lately, but I love these. I got them as a Christmas present and I’ve worn them almost every day since. Well, one shade in particular! The shade Amber is the perfect brown-y kind of nude and it’s just fab. They don’t feel super sticky on, but like, if it’s windy out then your hair is going to be all over your lips. Still, so much love for these.

LUNA by Lisa Jordan Lip Glosses on beautitude.ie

Orphan Black

This is the last Netflix series that I finished. When I say I got into it, I really got into it. I absolutely flew through it. The whole idea behind it is a bit cray, but so worth a watch. I was basically on the edge of my seat with almost every episode, as well as having a few scares and laughs thrown in for good measure. So SO good.

Nia Cleanser*

I think this will be one cleanser that I’ll forever love. It ticks all the boxes – well, bar taking off every tiny bit of makeup in one go, but I wear a good bit of makeup and I always double cleanse anyway. It’s vile how much makeup is actually left on your face when you think it’s all off! This feels AMAZING, almost making taking off your makeup not an absolute pain. It smells amazing, a little goes a long way and there’s no mess or spills. Ideal. I have a full review of it here.

Nia Skincare Cleanser on beautitude.ie

My Job

I’m ridiculously lucky that I’m not dreading Monday mornings, how ideal? After feeling like I was never getting out of retail (not half dramatic) I’m finally in a job I’m loving and I’m only deliraaaa. Aaaand, only the other night I got to meet the fab Lucy Kennedy and Caitlyn Jenner too. What wouldn’t I be loving?


I use to buy Kiss magazine religiously when I was younger. Then BANG I was decided I was suddenly a woman and too old for Kiss. Which was in no way true ha! But since then, I’ve bought the monthly copy of Stellar magazine each month and it’s still my fave. It’s cheaper than most magazines, it’s not full of ads, and it touches on everything from fashion and beauty to real life issues. Plus, it’s Irish.

Stellar Magazine on beautitude.ie

Ziaja Night Cream*

I’ve become obsessed with the Ziaja range. The level of quality for the low price is actually crazy. I’ve been using their night cream almost every night since I first got it and my skin feels amazing. I’ve got a full review of a few of their bits here.

The Balm Liquid Lipsticks

My lips are always dry, winter or summer, they’re dry. So I have a love/hate relationship with liquid lipsticks. Really, no matter how many times they describe them as ‘hydrating’, ‘moisturising’ or ‘non-drying’ – they’re still going to have my lips dry and feeling like shit. I’m not going to say the balm lipsticks aren’t drying – because they are. But not half as much as other ones I’ve tried! They’re v comfortable to wear, not flakey and the colours are fab too.

theBalm Meet Matte Hughes Liquid Lipsticks on beautitude.ie


Another thing I’m just LOVING is food. Obviously, I love food. But, I moved up to Dublin this month and I’m just all over all of the food, coffee and cocktail options! So, if you’ve any recommendations, send them my way. 😀


*I didn’t buy these bits myself, I was sent them to try out. But that’s all and it’s still always my honest opinion.


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