I’ve never wrote a post about blogging before, but there’s a first time for everything! I thought I’d write a post about tips on creating your first media kit for your blog. Most people (that have any interest in blogging at all) probably know what a media kit is. If you don’t, it’s basically a C.V for your blog. It gives brands/PR’s everything they need to know about you and your blog. I first learned about how to create a media kit from It’s Cherry Sue, so I thought I’d try add to what I learned from the gal herself. I’m no expert on media kits, but after going through pages and pages on Google (I actually went past page one!) and going through three media kits, I’d like to think I’ve learned a bit!

Creating Your First Media Kit - Simple Tips on beautitude.ie - Simple tips for creating your first media kit for your blog

Step 1: Get your shit together.

Before you even go about starting your media kit, you need to get your shit together. It’s easiest to grab a notebook and pen and write down all your social media usernames and the number of your followers. Then you need to check your analytics (if you haven’t done it before, just follow the step by step on Google Analytics to get you started), you’re going to need statistics like your page views per month, unique visitors per month, your reader demographics, traffic sources, any information that could be useful, really!

Step 2: Write your bits:

Write your introduction, a bit about you and your blog, of course. Make it a little personal, but not too personal either – they don’t need to know every single thing about you but you still need to tell them a bit about yourself. Talk a little about the posts you write and what goes down well on your blog – like your most read post. If you’re looking to earn some money from your blog, include your prices for any features. Personally I haven’t done this, I don’t see myself as the next Joanne Larby any time soon so I haven’t gone near charging for anything! Don’t forget to add all your social media links too. Pop in a picture of yourself and a couple of blog pictures so they know what kind of photos you take.

Creating Your First Media Kit - Simple Tips on beautitude.ie - Simple tips for creating your first media kit for your blog

Step 3: Decide how you’re actually going to create your media kit.

Now that you have all the information you need in one place, you need to decide how you’re going to put it together. Canva is a super handy website for designing and creating bits, or Adobe Illustrator (if you have the patience to learn how to use it!), I’m pretty sure you can create a media kit on Word too. Or you could take the easy way out like I did and have a graphic designer to do it for you. This is where my boyfriend came in handy đŸ˜€ – have a look at his website here. I just didn’t have the patience to create it myself, I literally wanted it done then and there ha!

Pick a design that goes well with your blog, make sure it doesn’t look bland but still professional.

Step 4: Make sure it’s all fab.

Make sure you proof read your media kit a couple of times – there’s nothing worse than a spelling mistake but it’s easily done when your fingers are going 90 on the keyboard. Just have it all looking nice and pretty and convert it to a PDF file rather than a Word document. Then decide who you want to send it to and get emailing.

Creating Your First Media Kit - Simple Tips on beautitude.ie - Simple tips for creating your first media kit for your blog

I was going to pop in a screenshot of my own media kit- but I decided against that! There’s so many different ways to design your media kit anyway, and it’s a lot better that it’s not the same as someone else’s, so it stands out a bit.

You’re also better off to update it every now and again – even if your Instagram has only gotten ten more followers in the past couple of months. That’s still ten more people so yaaassss.

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