Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Cream – Is It Actually Worth The Hype?

Charlotte Tilbury is obviously a well-known brand for being luxurious, but it always seemed extra luxurious to me because I just couldn’t get my hands on it. I grew up in Laois, where Charlotte Tilbury products haven’t yet graced the lands, and I didn’t know what to order online, in case I made a grave mistake. Whenever I got the chance to get to a counter, I was either too broke or too overwhelmed to make a decision.
Luckily, at this stage, I’ve tried a lot of Charlotte Tilbury products, not everything, but there’s still plenty of those gorge products in my beauty stash. One Charlotte Tilbury product I was always excited about was Magic Cream, for obvious reasons really. But I’m still not really sure if it’s worth the luxury price tag that comes along with it.


Magic Day Cream

The award-winning day cream, it’s like a gorge little pot of gold in your beauty collection. The packaging is stunning and that’s always a plus. Everything about it sounds amazing, Charlotte’s ‘magic 8’ of supercharged skincare ingredients and SPF15, for added moisture and to transform the appearance of tired, dull skin for a glowing, dewy, plumper-looking canvas. See? Amazing.
And it is, it’s super nice. It feels amazing being applied, it leaves your skin feeling super silky, without feeling heavy or sticky, and although it’s thick, it absorbs in seconds. It’s a lovely cream, but at €90 for a 50 ml, it’s just not THAT nice, you know? I can think of plenty of other moisturisers that do pretty much the same job, for at least half the price.
Plus, if your skin is overly sensitive, you’re probably best to stay away because if though Magic Cream smells divine, it’s obviously heavily scented at that. Why Charlotte, why?


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Magic Night Cream

I only reach for the CT night cream if I feel like my skin needs actual litres of hydration. I was trying it out every night at first, but it felt way too thick for nightly use. Plus, my bank account wouldn’t be too impressed if I got used to it either. No matter how little you use (a little goes a long way), it feels super thick and yes, luxurious, but it’s also sticky. I did not expect this little pot of goodness to be sticky. It feels as if it lingers on your skin, so you end up with half your hair stuck to one cheek and your other cheek firmly stuck to the pillow. Not ideal. Perfect for you if you’re one of these people who can sleep perfectly still, but that’s not me.
It’s meant to be “instant beauty sleep in a cream”, and do its thing hour by hour as you sleep, so you wake up lookin’ stunnin’. Some of the ingredients ring a bell, which is always a good thing, like Plant Derived Stem Cells, Vitamin E, Co-Enzyme Q10 and Retinol.
Everything sounds great, but it’s just a bit, well, meh. Not even meh, it’s nice, but you’d be expecting a little more than nice for €120 for 50 ml, no?

The Verdict

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll definitely be using what I have, and if I was given either as a gift I’d still be happy, but I won’t be parting with my wages for Magic Cream anytime soon, day or night. But really, if I had to pick one over the other it would have to be the OG day cream. It looks lovely under makeup, and your skin looks a little brighter too.
If you’re dying to try either, do your best to get a sample if you can. Or even pick up the 15ml, it’ll last you ages because a little really does go a long way.
Oh, I’m also going to use this as another chance to throw in the fact that I met Charlotte herself, no bragging – I swear.

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