BRYT Day Moisturiser

I always wear moisturiser with SPF in it, on both makeup and no makeup days. I ran out of my usual moisturiser a while ago and on the same day that it ran out, I got a new day moisturiser in the post – best timing EVER. I was chatting to Megan of BRYT Skincare and she said she’d send me out something from BRYT, so thanks gal! I’ve already mentioned the BRYT day moisturiser in my ‘Quick Everyday Makeup‘ post, which you can read here. 🙂

The BRYT day moisturiser is meant to be a light, everyday moisturiser suitable for all skin types that hydrates without clogging pores. I’m not a skincare expert, but the ingredients sound amazing. Green tea oil, vitamin E, and African Mongongo oil – I’ve no idea what that is but it sounds great. It also has an SPF 15, which is always needed!

It’s €24.95 for a 50ml bottle, so it’s travel friendly too. I’ve been using it for about a month now and it’s not even one quarter used. So for €25 I think is fab because it’s going to last for about four months I’d say.

When I first tried it, I wasn’t a massive fan of the smell. It’s kind of orange-y/zesty.. I was with my mam and my auntie at the time and they absolutely loved the smell. So I think it was just me! But since then the smell has really grown on me. It actually smells so fresh and it’s ideal for first thing in the mornings.

I’m really loving this moisturiser. It feels nice and light on the skin and really feels like it freshens up your whole face. I love that it absorbs quickly too, it doesn’t feel like it leaves a layer on your skin either. Ideal for when you’re throwing your makeup on in the morning!

I’m only dying to try more BRYT bits after using this. Think I’ve found my new favourite moisturiser!

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The only thing that I’m not 100% about is that I did have a breakout on my chin, but I’m almost sure that’s down to gal problems and not the moisturiser, because the rest of my face is the same as usual!

BRYT have a 10% discount code too, if you feel like treating yourself! Just pop in ‘brytblogger10’ at the checkout. 🙂

*I was sent out the BRYT day moisturiser to try and was asked to write a blog post on what I thought of it. This review is 100% honest as always and I don’t get a penny from the discount code. Just sayin’.*


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