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BPerfect cosmetics has basically blown up lately. I’m actually seeing them everywhere, including on Dragon’s Den a few weeks ago. A few months ago, they sent me their ‘Brush on Lashes’ and their brow powder to try out*. I wasn’t a massive fan of the brow powder. It was fab but I just don’t think I could stray from brow gel anytime soon! But I loved these BPerfect Lashes fibres, and the packaging is so fab.

BPerfect Brush On Lashes review on

I love mascara, who doesn’t? I usually go for the mascaras that are a bit pricier – like Benefit’s They’re Real. Basically because my eyes are super sensitive and my lashes are actually quite long so when I wear a cheaper mascara I end up with black smudged all over my brow bone. First world problem, I know! Although, the price of this is a bit expensive compared to some mascaras (I think it’s about €28), I’m still always a bit weary when trying out a new mascara.

What’s it like?

So, there’s the mascara and then the fibres. The mascara wand looks perfect for separating the lashes and leaves a nice natural look. The the other wand with the fibres on it is just a normal wand to apply the fibres.

BPerfect Brush On Lashes review on www.beautitude.ieBPerfect Brush On Lashes review on www.beautitude.ieThe mascara, which is described as a gel based formula goes on like normal (it’s lovely on its own) and then the fibres are layered on top of the mascara. The mascara goes on, and before it’s dry, the fibres go on and then the fibres are locked on to the lashes with another layer of the mascara.

BPerfect Brush On Lashes review on
Before & after

I layered the mascara and fibres three or four times and it leaves a gorgeous fluffy look, as well as lengthens and curls the lashes. For the last layer, I pressed the mascara on top of the lashes instead of swiping it on to really lock in the fibres. BPerfect Brush On Lashes review on

There’s a tiny bit of fall out with the fibres, but nothing that’s too noticeable.

I wouldn’t be reaching for it in the mornings when I’m rushing out the door and throwing on the quickest makeup. But it’s a lot less time consuming than I thought it would be. But the mascara by itself would be perfect for those kind of mornings.

Over all, I love the idea of the Brush on Lashes and the product itself. I wasn’t left with black smudges under my brows and it’s super easy to take off too.

BPerfect Brush On Lashes review on

Next on my list to try is their dark watermelon tan *insert heart eye emoji here*

I’m not sure yet if I prefer the Brush on Lashes over my usual mascara yet, but I’ve been reaching for it a lot more than my other mascara lately.

BPerfect Brush On Lashes review on


*I was sent the Brush on Lashes by BPerfect, but I wasn’t asked to post anything here or on my social media pages and this review is 100% honest, as always! I obviously wasn’t paid for anything either, unfortunately! 🙂

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