I’m pretty sure my first ever ‘high end’ makeup product was from Benefit, so I’ve got a pretty soft spot for Benefit products! Years ago, I loved their Hello Flawless foundation, but since then, I fell a little out of love with it. All the same, I was awfully excited to try out their new (not so new anymore!) foundation Hello Happy.
Here’s my lowdown on the Benefit Hello Happy foundation, and if I think it’s worth spending your hard earned €s on!

What it says on the tin

So, Hello Happy is meant to be a lightweight foundation that evens out skin tone and blurs imperfections. With a natural finish and a light to medium coverage.
I’m not the biggest fan of light coverage, but I thought the rest sounded amazing. Saying that my very first impression (after how cute the packaging is) was that it’s SUPER light coverage, it really doesn’t feel like there’s anything on your face at all. But I did feel like I had to build it up quite a bit! The consistency is almost watery, so it’s no wonder why it doesn’t feel too heavy on. Straight away, I wasn’t a fan of the applicator (if you can call it that?). It’s a squeezy bottle, rather than a pump, so it’s way too easy to squeeze too much out.

What it’s like on?

Like I said, I had to build up the coverage quite a bit and it felt super lightweight. It didn’t go cakey or feel like I had a full face of makeup on. It actually reminded me of the L’Oreal True Match foundation, the consistency and finish are fairly similar! Only Hello Happy is an extra €20 or so. It stayed on pretty well, the only areas that didn’t hold up too great were around the top of my forehead and my chin area. It does have a fab blurring effect to it, which leaves a really nice glow to the skin. Plus, it has SPF15, which is always great for a daytime foundation.

Benefit Hello Happy on – taken in front of a window with a brightening filter

The Verdict

If you have super oily skin, I think you’d be better off steering clear of this one and opting for a foundation with a matte finish. The finish was definitely nicer on the parts of my skin that were less oily. Overall, I actually really did like this foundation. But, I think there are a few other foundations that I’d sooner buy over this one, considering there’s plenty to choose from for this price!

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