Bellamianta Ultra Dark – The Full Dirty Details

The words Bellamianta, ultra and dark all in the one sentence make me feel some kind of way. I was WAY too excited to try out the Bellamianta Ultra Dark mousse, it was borderline sad how excited I was. Bellamianta sent me out their Ultra Dark mousse to try out*, I literally felt like a child at Christmas. Although I was sent out the Ultra Dark mousse to try, I’ll still review it as if I bought it myself. There’s nothing more annoying than a review being swayed because of a freebie!


The Claims

Obviously, the claims for the latest addition to the Bellamianta family are amazing. A lightweight streak-free formula that dries in 60 seconds? Get on me. A deep olive toned colour that’s super hydrating? Get on me now. Effortless wear-off and up to seven days of a perfect tan? Divine. Then I spotted the sentence that states the formula is so good that it ‘adheres effortlessly to the natural skin tone’. This is all well and good if you’re pale and don’t want to turn out mahogany. But I’m another level of pale and I did want to be mahogany soooo…

Bellamianta Ultra Dark Mousse Full Review on Beautitude Blog |

First Impressions

First things first, the packaging is divine. It looks super expensive, but I’m partial to black and gold together anyway.

Naturally, I scrubbed my skin to an inch of its life so I had a nice clean base for trying this one out. The mousse went on super easy, just like the other Bellamianta mousse. It felt fab, and dried quickly. But also not so quickly that I was trying to blend like a mad woman. The guide colour wasn’t super dark, more like a glow than anything. Below is a before pic, and one immediately after putting on the tan (the lighting is different because it’s just natural light). It’s not that dark straight away, but I’d always leave my tan on overnight before washing it off. That’s if I do wash it off, because most of the time, extra sleep wins over a shower when my alarm goes off in the mornings!

Bellamianta Ultra Dark Mousse Full Review on Beautitude Blog |


Post-Shower & Another Try

The next morning, the colour was amazing. Actually, it was divine. So I had the usual, ever so careful post-tan shower and I wasn’t as impressed. The colour was fab on my arms, stomach and a few other places. But it wasn’t as dark on my legs and chest – which is the usual when it comes to tans!. It was nice, but it wasn’t ultra dark. I love nothing more than a dark, dark tan, so it wasn’t as dark as I wanted.

I decided to go for two layers, and that’s when I fell in love. I’d go as far as saying it’s my favourite tan out there right now. The colour was gorgeous, I still don’t know if I’d call it ultra dark, but it’s definitely dark. I think it my skin took to tan better, it would 100% be ultra dark. If you like a dark tan, this is definitely worth a try!

Bellamianta Ultra Dark Mousse Full Review on Beautitude Blog |


The After Math

One thing I can say for sure is that I’ve never had a tan wear off like this one. Even compared to other Bellamianta products I’ve tried, the wear off for this one is AMAZING. Tans usually go nasty on me after a few days in the usual places. Hands, feet, underarms, I’m a sweaty Betty at the end of the day so it is what it is! But I tried out the Bellamianta Ultra Dark during the fabulous heatwave we had and I was literally blown away at the wear off.

The colour stayed dark for about five days. Usually, depending on the tan, I’d be topping it up or starting again on day three. So it’s safe to say, I’m obsessed!
I’m almost at the end of the bottle now, and I’ve gotten about eight full body tans out of it. For €25, I really won’t complain about that! If you’re thinking about giving this mousse a go, definitely go for it. After all, you’d easily spend €25 on an Indian – so why not get a fabulous colour instead? 🙂

Bellamianta Ultra Dark Mousse Full Review on Beautitude Blog |



*Although I was sent out the Bellamianta Ultra Dark Mousse to try, my review is as always 100% honest. I wasn’t asked to write a review, post any photos, or share anything at all. But here’s my opinion anyway. 🙂

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