Bare by Vogue Mousse and Lotion Review

Bare by Vogue tan has been on my must-buy list for an age and a half at this stage. I don’t know what took me SO long – I’m basically obsessed with fake tan and I’ve heard nothing but good things about it. So, I finally ordered it and decided to buy both the mousse and the lotion. I’m usually a mousse kind of gal – but I thought I’d try out the two and compare them. So here’s what I thought of Bare by Vogue, mousse vs lotion.

Bare by Vogue Lotion

Like I said, I usually go for mousse when it comes to tan, so I decided I’d try the lotion first – in case I fell in love with the mousse and wasn’t arsed going back to the lotion. The first thing I noticed was that it smells divine. Like a fresh, summery scent. There’s nothing worse than a bad-smelling tan, so this is always a bonus.

It went on easily and blended nicely, with a hint of a guide colour so you can see what you’re doing. It dried quickly, but not so fast that you’re trying to blend it in like a mad woman. The only fault I have is that it’s a squeeze bottle – so it can be a bit hard to judge how much is going to come up, rather than being able to measure one pump for your arms, etc.

I left it on overnight, and the first thing I noticed the next morning was that it came out a bit darker on my legs than it did my arms. This is the first time this has EVER happened to me, usually, my legs would need two layers of tan to be as dark as my arms.

It’s a GORGEOUS colour, but not exactly what I would call ultra dark. The overall colour was even, and it looked natural enough – without that orange tinge that sometimes comes with an ultra-dark tan.

I rinsed it off with cool water, and rather than it all fading down the sink (cue sad music), it still looked fab post-shower. Although, next time I am going somewhere that I’d want a dark tan, I’ll probably go for two layers.

The results?

I purposely didn’t moisturise daily just to see how long the Bare by Vogue lotion would last on its own accord, and I admit it did pretty well. It stayed on without going patchy for about five days, which is great going for me without moisturising. Another plus, it wasn’t a nightmare to take off. Once it had its days, it didn’t stick to the skin stubbornly – there’s nothing worse, to be honest.

Bare by Vogue Mousse

I knew I KNEW I would prefer the mousse. I’m a mousse gal at heart, and this is now one of my favourites ever.

It has the same light scent that the lotion does and applied like a dream. Blended easily, dried quickly and didn’t feel sticky or smelt afterwards. The guide colour was slightly darker than the lotion, and I think it applied even better than the lotion. It was smooth, felt fab on the skin and left a gorge guide colour.

The results?

I did the same routine as I did with the lotion, leaving it on overnight before rinsing it off with cool water the next morning. I’m convinced that it’s a nicer shade than the lotion, slightly darker but still a gorgeous golden colour. Still, not a shade I would call ultra-dark – but I think I’ve found my new go-to tan. I probably would go as far as two layers for a big night out (which hopefully isn’t too far in the future!) but I’m still so impressed by the stunning, golden colour. There wasn’t a whiff of orange tint in sight.

Again, I didn’t moisturise like I usually would to see how well Bare by Vogue mousse would last. And it lived up to the expectations I had after trying the lotion. Just like the lotion, the mousse didn’t take an age to take off. My arms weren’t exhausted from scrubbing, it was one of the easiest tans I’ve ever removed (and applied, actually).

Overall, I think the mousse, in particular, is 100% worth the money. It applies like a dream, smells good, doesn’t feel sticky on the skin. More importantly, it has a gorgeous golden shade and last perfectly. Couldn’t be better, really.

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