About Beautitude

Beautitude is beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog by Amie Edmonds. Predominantly beauty, it’s a source of information for beauty products reviews, ideas, and fashion inspiration, with a few lifestyle posts thrown into the mix.

I’m a self confessed makeup junkie, I’ve always loved reading beauty reviews and fashion posts, so that’s why I created Beautitude – to actually do what I love. Any product reviews or posts I write are always 100% honest – but what works for me might not work for someone else and vice versaaaa.

Keep a look out for beauty tips and reviews, and fashion inspiration here on beautitude.ie, over on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

I’m an Instagram addict, so you’ll always catch me posting blog pictures, beauty products – a lot of those, quotes and a coffee here and there! I’m obsessed with eyebrows, nails and big lashes.

  While I’m studying Media and Public Relations at the moment, I’ve always wanted to study make-up artistry, I’m currently looking into make-up artistry courses. So keep a look out here for more make-up looks!

13000330_584129338418678_5106678865518056378_nThis is a PR friendly blog, so if you have any enquires email me at [email protected]

Also, if any of you have any suggestions of what you’d like to see here on Beautitude, either leave a comment, email me at the same address mentioned above, or find me on Twitter @beautitudeblog


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