5 Ways to Survive Your Last Year of College

Everyone does college differently, but I’m sure everyone can agree that the last year is hard, fun of course, but tough times is an understatement! I’m obviously no expert, but I have just survived my last year of college, well, just about – yay me! Well, I have one exam left. But that means I’m basically finished, yes?

So, rather than saying the usual. Like be organised, do assignments on time and study blah blah.. Here’s five other ways to help you survive your last year of college.

5 Ways to survive your last year of college - www.beautitude.ie

1. Laugh at your lecturer’s jokes

Sometimes jokes are funny, sometimes they’re not. But always, always laugh at your lecturer’s jokes. Basically, be nice and pray they like you. It might work, or it won’t make any difference whatsoever. But it might at least help lessen their death stare when you’re late for class because you couldn’t just walk past Starbucks without getting a latte. #Basic.

2. Spotify is your friend

Doing assignments in silence is just hell and having the tele on in the background is sometimes too much. Treat yourself to Spotify Premium (it’s so worth it) and make an amazing playlist. They have a discounted fee especially for college students too. Sorted! 🙂

5 Ways to survive your last year of college - www.beautitude.ie3. Treat yo’self

So, if you’re anything like me, buying new things gives you life. I don’t even care how shallow that sounds, buying new stuff is great and you need to treat yourself. Presentations, assignments and your thesis/dissertation on top of that is just exhausting. So treat yourself to that new lipstick or those shoes you can’t get into your head. Whatever you’re in to. Even a bottle of wine on top of that too, because of course, you’ll be tired after shopping, obviously… Treat yo’self.

4. Take the piss

Ok so, by the off chance that you’re not from Ireland or any other country that says ‘take the piss’. I specifically went and Googled it: “to take liberties at the expense of others”. Anyway…  I obviously don’t mean to just take the piss out of the year altogether, because obviously, your last year is important. But take time to doss, to relax. Take the piss out of your friends and let them take the piss out of you. Take the piss out of yourself because you’re going to need to laugh through this year – before you know it, it’ll be turning into nervous laughter and tears before exams.

5. Get your shit done

This one is blatantly obvious, nobody likes repeats – especially in your last year. So if you really have to, have three cups of coffee and pull an all-nighter. Then hand in your stuff and either go back to bed or go for a celebratory drink. Just get it dooooone.

Probably not the best advice you’ll get, but every little helps! 🙂 Now that I’m just finished college, can someone hand me my dream job please!?


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