5 Of The Best Products For Short Hair

I’ve had short hair for a long time now. At its very shortest, I basically only had a long fringe, with the two sides almost shaved. Even though I’ve had it short for so long, I still find it hard to manage sometimes., particularly when it comes to what kind of products for short hair are best. Like when it’s just kind of, there. And I don’t have the option of throwing it up into a hun bun, so something’s got to give. Lately, I’ve been reaching for these five products that have been absolute lifesavers, the best products for short hair.


Mark Hill Tousled Wave Spray

I’ve tried SO many products similar to this, to try to get that beachy waves look, and each one has been a bit of a fail. Although this one doesn’t tick all the boxes, it’s the best one I’ve tried that doesn’t come in at €20+.
Usually, if I just can’t be bothered to blow-dry and straighten my hair after washing it, this is where Mark Hill comes in. I spray this through my hair, pop two plaits in on either side and let it do its thing. The next morning it’s basically good to go, only a couple of bits here and there need a bit of tidying, or the ends turned in with a straightener. The lazy gals dream.
Keep it away from your roots and try spread it through your hair with your fingers as much as you can. A little goes a long way! It doesn’t leave your hair looking greasy, crunchy, or full of product. Granted, I haven’t mastered the wavy look yet, but this definitely helps.

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Penneys x AF Texture Spray

For less than the price of a medium skinny cappuccino with an extra shot, this stuff is AMAZING. Ideal if you had wavy or curly hair the previous day, just give it a couple of spritzes, style it up quickly with your fingers and you’re good to go. Basically, it adds a bit of oomph to your hair, which is always welcome.
I’ve tried a few similar products to this that have felt awful, and only have you dying to wash your hair. It doesn’t feel sticky or tacky and brushes out easily too. Perfect for €3, pop it in your basket whenever we get to roam around Penneys next.

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L’Oreal Paris Elvive Dream Lengths Sleek Serum

Okay so technically, this is meant to be for long hair. But I went ahead and used it anyway and I’m just delighted I did. It’s an anti-frizz serum and heat protection all in one, plus it’s cheap as chips. I run just one lump of this through my hair when I’m blow drying it, staying away from my roots. It leaves your hair silky, shiny, and tames any frizz! You can also pop a bit on dry hair if it needs a little more extra care. The only thing I’d say is if you do have short hair, a little goes a long way. So don’t go too crazy with it, because you’ll only have to go wash your hair again. Depending on where you buy it, it’s somewhere between €5-€10. Worth every penny.

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Bed Head Masterpiece Hairspray

If your hair just won’t behave, and you really need it to stay put, this is where this Bed Head hairspray comes in. It’s the kind of hair spray that literally will not let your hair budge. But of course, if a hairspray is SO strong, it’s going to come with a disadvantage too. If you’re going to pile it on, it doesn’t feel the nicest. Again, a little goes a long way, and spray it from a distance. It’s not an everyday kind of spray, it’s more like Elnett on serious steroids, a little pricier too.

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GHD Ceramic Vented Radial Brush

For years and years, I was using this random barrel brush to blow dry my hair. At first it was grand, it’d do. But then I treated myself to the GHD ceramic vented radial brush in a size two – or in other words, a small barrel brush – and I’m converted. When it comes to the best products for short hair, I’m now a firm believer that a good hairbrush has to be up there. It’s literally cut the time I spend blowdrying my hair in half. And for a gal with majorly thick hair, this is basically life-changing. The brush is meant to hold heat longer than a normal hairbrush would, so you can get your hair dried way quicker. It’s also super easy to use. I know that sounds ridiculous when talking about a hairbrush, but listen, that’s just the way it is. It’s light, sleek, and doesn’t feel like it’s just going to get tangled up in the middle of your hair when you’re trying to blowdry it. I bought mine on ASOS, worth every single cent.

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*I received some of these products as press samples, from my actual 9-5 job*
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