Perfect Planners to Get Your Life Together!

Although we’re basically well into January now, it’s better late than never to be getting your shit organised. I LOVE stationery, particularly planners no idea why – I just love anything that makes me feel like I have my life together I think! About a year and a half ago, I splashed out on a fancy agenda and I just loved it. I definitely got my money worth!

So, if you love a bit of planning, or want a bit of help to bring some order into your life in 2018 – these fab little planners are ideal. I’ve organised them into three sections by price, so keep scrolling for a lil’ gawk.

Big Budget Beauties

This is the planner that I decided to treat myself to for Christmas – the Leanún diary. I’ve only started using it, but I’m loving it already. The detail in it is on another level altogether. It’s a Day by day planner, with a page each month for the goals you have that month, your monthly budget, and a page with mini lists like ‘treat yourself’, ‘things to download’, ‘books to read’, ‘people to meet’ and a few other fab little details. Then, of course, there’s cute little sayings and motivational quotes through the whole planner. Some mornings you just need a motivational quote to kick off the day! The only thing I don’t like about it is how bulky it is. It’s not ideal to be carrying around with you and the spiral bound part would more than likely get wrecked in your handbag. This one is the priciest of the lot at €35 – but if you’re partial to a fab planner and love a bit of detail, then it’s ideal. I knew I’d get my money’s worth because of how much use I got out of my planner last year, a great talent I have is justifying purchases!

They’ve two designs at the minute, one fab black and white one and a mint green version too. They monochrome one is in stock right now, and the mint version is available for pre-order again when you sign up for their newsletter.

2018 Planners and Agendas
                                        2018 Day Planner – Black & White

Pay Day Planners

These planners are usually more expensive, but they’re reduced on ASOS right now. They start in August 2017 and run through to December 2018, so if it wouldn’t do your head in that you’re not starting in the middle of the planner, it’s so worth it. I had the smaller version last year, the first one I bought and I LOVED it. The Bando agendas are v. quirky and colourful. It’s a week per two pages, with plenty of room for notes each month. It’s no where near as detailed as the Leanún planner, but if you’d rather make your own little lists then it’s ideal.

2018 Planners and Agendas
                                    Ban.Do I Am Very Busy Large Holographic Agenda
2018 Planners and Agendas
                                                     Ban.Do You’re Killing It Agenda

Cheap & Cheerful

These ones I haven’t actually gone through myself, but the look fab online. The price is a whole lot easier on your bank account too! Especially if you’re not a stationery freak (like me) and just want something to keep your important bits in. The planners in the second and third images are in the ASOS sale, they seem to be just a basic, mini planner to get you through the year. The first one, from Busy B, looks like it has so much detail in it for the price that it is.

2018 Planners and Agendas
Busy B 2018 Life Diary
2018 Planners and Agendas
                                    Ohh Deer Exclusive Colour Block Agenda
2018 Planners and Agendas
                                          Ohh Deer Exclusive Night Sky Agenda


I basically have a list for everything at this stage, so I love a bit of organisation! Stationery and boots, I just can’t get enough!


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