10 random facts about me

This is a ‘get to know me’ style post which I’ve NEVER done. I’m not used to writing stuff like this at all, but then again I love having a nosey at posts like this, who doesn’t love to have a good nosey ha! So I’m literally just going to post ten random facts about meeeeee. Trying to think about random facts about myself was a lot harder than I thought, I didn’t want it to just be like, my name is Amie, I’m 22 years old, my birthday is in November, blah blah.. So bare in mind most of these are very random and a bit weird ha!

Get to know me post - ten random facts about me on beautitude.ie

  1. I always eat burgers upside down – I’ve no idea why! And I only eat chicken burgers, the only kind of beef burger I’ll eat are the €1 ones out of McDonald’s when I’m ridiculously hungover, they probably don’t help but oh well..
  2. I haven’t missed an episode of Eastenders since Ronnie robbed Kat & Alfie’s baby. I’m seriously addicted at this stage!
  3. The smell of sour cream and onion pringles/crisps makes me feel physically sick.
  4. I always have a full body tan on (I can tan my own back when I really need to..) and my nails painted.
  5. I talk in my sleep sometimes, like actual crazy talk.
  6. I have six tattoos and counting, I’m dying to get another so if anyone wants to help me out with that that’d be great! 😀
  7. I go through obsessive phases with food. Right now I love a good spice bag (I could literally eat one every night) and Moro bars.. Before that it was Reece’s cups and something else! I end up eating something constantly for ages and then I’ll won’t go near them for years.
  8. I’m literally obsessed with dogs, all kinds of dogs, just give me them all. I’d nearly go as far to say I enjoy them more than people..
  9. I get the worst hangovers. You really don’t need the gory details, but they are the WORST and that’s no exaggeration.
  10. I once touched Enrique Iglesias’ hand and almost died because I was so in love with him.

So there’s ten of the most random facts about me that I could think of, it actually took me a while!


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